Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 2 “Always On My Mind”

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This was probably the worst episode of Hart of Dixie thus far. When putting together these posts I usually watch the episode twice, once to get notes and once to get pictures (I needed to watch it three times because these pictures kept coming out blurry, sorry ahead of time). I dreaded watching this again and pretty much put it off until the last minute – this episode was just so ehhhhhhh. I saw Ruby running for Mayor of Bluebell a mile away, thought the Zoe/Wade plot was really stupid, and then the singing at the end happened…oy. So Magnolia can sing and play guitar? Obviously! Oh, the headliner leaves 10 minutes before she’s due on stage? George can you take her place? Of course! I remember an episode that I disliked almost as much as this: the episode where Zoe goes gaga over George and George sings karaoke with a goofy shit-eating grin on his face. Gah! It’s the CW I should expect this, but I felt like I was drowning in an ocean of cheese. At least there was some good style.

Zoe and Wade in bed | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Isn’t this where we started last week? Zoe’s wearing a different bra though. Good for you Zoe, change it up a bit – leave ’em guessing.

Zoe without pants | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Zoe made the 2 minute walk of shame to her house and unfortunately ran into Rose, the very young but very aware 14,15,16? year old. At least she didn’t believe that Zoe was doing a new form of exercise and figured out where Zoe’s pants went…

Wade with Zoe's jeans | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

There they are! Thanks Wade for that moment.

Magnolia and Lemon | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Dan: Everyone is wearing lace…or whatever. Julia: Crochet? Dan: ohhhhh *sarcasm* thank you. Turns out it’s lace and Lemon is wearing the BCBGMAXARIA Kiran cotton-blend lace shirt dress. And Magnolia is wearing a Wet Seal Crochet Crop Tank (tongue twister…why not just Crochet Crop Top?) Until her glorious return later on, I had completely forgotten that Magnolia had been in this episode at all.

Lavon and Zoe | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Wise Lavon, in his fancy purple waxed jeans, believes that Ruby is up to something. Zoe needs a haircut and her green liner with her red dress reminds me too much of Christmas but I do think her Sandro Rose Red Dress is really adorable and looks great on her, same with the Jennifer Zeuner Montana Arrow Necklace.

Wide-eyed Zoe | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

“Oh that’s where your pants went.” – Rose. Speaking of pants, in this scene Rose is wearing Free People Ethnic Printed Cropped Skinny Jeans which Dan thinks makes Rose look like a five year old even though the jeans are cute. Look at that face! Zoe’s dress is a Vanessa Bruno Black Printed Silk Dress and her studded bracelet is the Fallon Skinny Leather Wrap Bracelet with Pyramid Studs.

Magnolia singing | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Julia: What? Why is Magnolia singing??? Dan: Because it’s the CW and she kinda looks like Taylor Swift… I guess. Julia: Whyyyyyyy Magnolia whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Zoe and Rose | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

You know how wardrobe designers make certain characters wear similar colors to show their relationship to one another? Well, looks like Rose is a mini-me of Zoe as they are both wearing rust colored, floral dresses. Unfortunately, Zoe’s dress is sold out and I can’t find Rose’s dress, but Zoe is wearing an orange Pura Vida Bracelet and Kate Spade Ettie Crossbody Bag.

Crazy chick | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Flower crown indie hippie chick Liliane was headlining BlueBellapalooza until she leaves because she’s a hypochondriac who fears for nerve damage in her pick hand. So BlueBellapalooza turns into a country music fest featuring local popular (boring) people. Thank you Zoe… Liliane’s dress is from Urban Outfitters – the Staring at Stars Tiered Crochet Tank Top Dress and it comes in four other colors but I like the cream color best.

George Tucker singing | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Now George Tucker is singing…bleh. If this town loves George Tucker so much why is it so hard for him to find a one night stand?

Lavon's angry | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Lavon is NOT PLEASED. He is not pleased in the least! He knew Miss Ruby-plastic-face was up to no good. Next time trust your gut Wise Lavon.

Evil Ruby | Hart of Dixie Always On My Mind

Conniving wench! I really don’t like her. Dan didn’t like her immediately so at least we have good radar for evil. But this also saddens me – Lavon is such a nice-well-to-do guy. Why would someone do that to him? Find your own town to try and take over you succubus!

I found a few more of the items worn in last week’s episode “The Aftermath” and have added the information to the post as well as the scroll-through list below.

  • Jamie
    October 14, 2012

    I have yet to see this show and I will admit I was slightly interested because of Rachel Bilson. However, I think I may just keep reading your reviews on the episodes :)

  • Kat
    October 16, 2012

    do you know what bra zoe is wearing at the start? i really love the style

    • Style & Cheek
      October 17, 2012

      Hi Kat, I spent a lot of last night searching for this bra and I can’t find it anywhere! I’ll keep looking but I do know that the bra she wore in the previous episode was Elle Macpherson Intimates cloud swing lace contour bra. Sorry! I’ll let you know if I find it.

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