Pinterest Picks – Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

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When I decided on a theme for this post, specifically the tangled hair, I was amazed at how difficult it was to find pictures that weren’t too “polished” or “perfect.” Many of the pictures that fit with what I was looking for actually came from sources for “alternative style,” nowhere near the safe, popular trends. I come from the hipsterville of hipstervilles, where people wear tweed vests and have pocket watches and mustaches and a billion tattoos, yet I was still really surprised that something that I feel has always been beautiful is being popularized by these “pioneers” of style. It embodies a “it’s hip to be different” ideal that could catch on with anyone who covets a more alternative look, and will make wild, random style choices just to stand out. But what about the rest of us? I want to wear what I like! Screw religiously following what mainstream magazines tell me to wear OR trying to fit into a cliché clique just to protest what’s “on-trend.” Personally, I find these looks appealing because mainstream beauty looks best when it’s a little imperfect. Unfortunately, it feels like the people who recognize and promote it are the people who bash mainstream, and walking that middle ground between trendy and indie is just going to get you attacked from both sides. But both can be beautiful on their own, so why not together?

Why tangled hair and slouchy hats? Because the weather is changing and I don’t know about you but it’s all drizzle and static up in my hair. Instead of doting a hood or throwing my hair up into a ponytail I figured these were pretty alternatives – tangled, messy, slightly frizzy and twisted hair OR a slouchy beanie, toque, ski hat.

Vanessa Jackman braided topknots | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

Braided, knotted, pin curl updo that looks like it could only be achieved by accident.

Messy updo and fur | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

Very retro but messed up – like you’ve just slept on it and then hair-sprayed it in place.

Messy, undone braid | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

This spidery, rockerish, braid is intense and I can’t stop staring at it. Like it might attack me.

Leighton Meester airport style | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

Oh Leighton Meester, I know you’re wearing sweats in this shot but I would wear that hat out and about.

fall/winter | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

Beginning of fall outfit staple: slouchy hat, chunky circle scarf, sweaters and jeans

Lots of layers | Pinterest Picks - Tangled Hair and Slouchy Hats

I know, winter isn’t here yet, but this is genius layering right here and it needed to be noted.