Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 3 “If It Makes You Happy”

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This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie was significantly better than last week but Dan is unsure if he’s going to stick around for the rest of the season. My fingers are crossed that it picks up and Dan sticks around because the cheesiness of this show is only bearable because of his snarky comments. What do you think of Season 2 so far?

Wade shirtless | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Zoe confused and annoyed | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Zoe wakes up to find Wade painting her room while shirtless. Who paints half dressed? Turns out they haven’t had sex in awhile and Zoe doesn’t seem too affected by it. In fact, she has something else this episode to worry about. A “reporter” from Johns Hopkins’ Medical School Alumni magazine is coming to do an article on “beloved small town GP” Zoe Hart. Dan’s response? “This is going to be stupid as hell! This is what this episode is about?” Dan is having a meltdown. “Alumni magazine?? This is going to be so annoying.” He’s not excited.

Zoe’s sleepshirt is the Raquel Allegra Wife Lover Tie-Dye Tank.

George and Brick | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

George goes to the Breeland house to tell Lemon about his upcoming date, because it’s a small town and full disclosure is polite. Brick is pissed that George shows his face. Dan and I think that George never sounds genuine when he apologizes. I really don’t care for George. Dan, “Smirky little shit. Always smirking when he apologizes.” Julia, “Yeah, I bet he pulls the “nice guy” card a lot.”

Zoe making an ass of herself | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

We cringed at this scene where Zoe makes an ass of herself by trying to get the citizens of Bluebell to make healthy choices as they scarf down fried chicken. Pasty white guy comes in and Zoe attacks him for his lack of athleticism. Turns out he’s the interviewer from the alumni magazine. Oops. Zoe’s day goes downhill from here.

Annabeth | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Lemon | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Lemon gets a brilliant idea and shares it with Annabeth who is eating her feelings. She just got her divorce settlement papers from Jake who I’d personally like to see make an appearance on the show at least once. Lemon’s idea? Go out, get wasted, pick up a guy, and start a relationship, like that very night. Uh huh, because that definitely works.

Lemon is wearing a Karen Walker peplum dress that’s sold out but the Karen Walker Jackie Dress (in the same print) is still available. She’s carrying the Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Clutch and her shoes are the Tory Burch Lexa T-Strap Slingbacks.

Lemon and Annabeth | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

I told Dan that I didn’t think this episode was that bad and his response? “That’s just because Annabeth is in this episode and you looooove her.” He’s right…I do love her. More Annabeth in the next episodes please! Thanks.

Annabeth’s adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs Finch Flight dress in green sold out BUT the sandshell version is available here.

Wade's Dad | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Wade’s father added some humor to the episode as he explains to Zoe that all Wade does is yap about her, “Blah blah blah Zoe! Blah blah blah Zoe! Zoe, Zoe, Zoe!”

Lemon and Ruby going after the same man | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

I hate Ruby. During this scene, where Lemon is out-flirting Ruby, Dan has a pillow over his face and says muffled, “I am giving this show two more episodes and then you might have to watch it alone.”

Lemon’s sexy red number is the BCBGMAXAZRIA ‘Roselle’ Bustier Dress.

Wade giving Zoe some of his wisdom | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

WISDOM FROM WADE. Are you ready? I wasn’t. And I certainly wasn’t ready for Dan to point accusingly at me throughout the whole thing! Yeah, yeah Dan, whatever.

Wade: You’re always looking over your shoulder wondering what life should be instead of taking it for what it is. You’re not honest about what makes you happy.

Zoe: blah blah you’re leaving to go play video games and you have no direction in life blah blah

Wade: Exactly, because it’s my choice. Just like it was your choice to stay in Bluebell. It was your choice to be a GP instead of a super sonic space surgeon or whatever, and it was your choice to go to bed with me! And clearly something about every one of those choices makes you happy. The problem is, they don’t match up with the picture you have in your head about what your life should be.

Zoe: *sad face*

Wade: You wanna be happy doc? Change your picture or change your life. (Later, Zoe shows up to Wade’s house with Halo 4)

Lavon trying to break up Brick and George | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Brick and George end up in a shouting match in the middle of the restaurant where George is having his date. Dan has been kicked out of a lot of restaurants and thinks that was too fast for them to be kicked out (this may be an exaggeration). Lavon gets them to kiss and make up and all is well. I love Lavon.

Annabeth and Lemon | Hart of Dixie If It Makes You Happy

Annabeth, being the good friend Annabeth is, reminds Lemon that she’s a goal oriented person who just needs a new goal. Being independent for the first time in her life is going to suck, but finding a new man or trying to show up George is not the way to go. Besides Lemon apparently accomplishes everything she sets her sights on, because as we all know bitches get stuff done.