The Paper Feather Now Has a Website!

By Wednesday, October 24, 2012 0 Permalink

This past weekend, Dan and I headed to Pike Place Market to partake in The Paper Feather’s website launch party! What’s The Paper Feather? It’s a teeny tiny paper goods boutique where graphic designer Jen creates all kinds of random crafty goodness – from postcards, gift cards, magnets, journals, paintings, to gift tags. She makes everything herself and finds inspiration everywhere, whether it’s a vintage photograph or from traveling with her husband Paul.

As I’m writing this I’m noming on the mints she gave out as party favors and to be uber cheesy, they are as refreshing as the personality she brings to her little shop. I would go to The Paper Feather just to chat up Jen because she’s really that fun to be around. She’s seriously wacky and hilarious, totally not afraid to be a goofball and just has general good vibes. Her husband is equally nice and genuine. I am partially promoting this because I like the people behind it that much but also I really love what Jen is doing. She’s making her dream job happen. At the party I caught Jen gushing to a party-goer, “This is so fun! I can’t believe this is my job!” It’s really inspiring and I plan on meeting up with Jen at some point to do a little interview about her adventures in owning her own business. It’s been quite the ride, but one she’s so in love with. More about The Paper Feather and owner Jen later – but for now check out The Paper Feather’s website and Facebook page!

Jen and I at The Paper Feather

Jen and I being goofy at the launch party. She was worried about looking red in the photo but I think she just looks super excited! Because it was late at night all the pictures I took turned out too dark. I’ll have to snap some more pics of her cute little shop when I meet up with Jen again. Thanks Jen for being a goofball with me!

The Paper Feather purchases

I picked up a few things at the party, trying not to go overboard. I loved the cute vintage sailor girl and anchor. All things nautical win in my book, but that gift tag with the sailor girl is adorable. Then I stumbled across these cool vintage flashcards that Jen made into gift tags. Clever. But my favorite is the semi-sad looking horse wearing a crown. He’s hilarious!