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I’ve been meaning to write another “Blogs I Love” posts, and finally, here it is! So here it is. Two of these blogs could be considered “Mommy bloggers” but I’m not a fan of putting blogs into categories because all three of these bloggers have style and personality. I love reading their blog updates and life updates.

The Lady and The Beard

Jamie and Adam Weekend Update | Hello There Lady | Blogs I Love

Let’s start with my internet friend Jamie from The Lady and The Beard. She recently got engaged! Which means she also has a wedding blog called The Lady is Marrying The Beard. I’d say her blog is similar to mine in that we have similar taste and we love pop culture. We’d probably hang out if we lived near each other. Damn girl lives in Cincinnati! She started recapping The Walking Dead and I look forward to those posts on a weekly basis, as well as her Gossip Girl recaps, even though I have no idea what’s going on and find the plot-line seriously confusing. She has a lot of random but great posts – you never know what she’s going to do. For example, yesterday’s post is about her former future husband who just got married (aka Justin Timberlake). I think Jamie’s real future husband is probably way better, but you know how I feel about Jessica Biel (bleh). Maybe I am biased because we have similar humor but I find her extremely entertaining. She and I both wish she’d write more fashion/style/beauty posts because when she does I sit there nodding my head like, “yep, I like that and that and that.”

Look Snap Love

Drudgery - Look Snap Love | Blogs I Love

I started following Jess on tumblr a few years ago and have loved all her posts about her little family on Look Snap Love. Now that little family has grown into a big family! She already had two gorgeous kids – Owen and Olivia but in the time I’ve followed her blog she’s now had Remy and Rosalia (Rosie). It is surreal to watch someone who shows so much of their life go through huge changes like bringing babies into the world. It’s cool to watch the kids grow up and equally cool to see how Jess changes with them. I would say she’s like the Goodwill queen who prides herself on the ability to find cute outfits for cheap and she does! I guess I don’t have the patience. She says she’s constantly in t-shirts and jeans but she doesn’t give herself enough credit for her outfits. Jess is constantly changing/transforming (I exaggerate) her house and I know it isn’t just me who likes to see how other people live life – how they style their home, what they do in the sun or snow with their kids or what country song they are singing while cooking in the kitchen.

Rockstar Diaries

Life lately, according to my iphone pictures - Rockstar Diaries | Blogs I Love

The Brooklyn Flea - Rockstar Diaries | Blogs I Love

Naomi has been around a long time and I’ve been following her blog Rockstar Diaries without realizing it because her vintage style and adorable family show up on tumblr all the time. By adorable I mean I absolutely love reading anything about her little girl Eleanor. The other day I bugged the crap out of Dan by sending him links to Naomi’s posts saying how ridiculously cute her family is. She recently had a second baby named Samson and after reading so many Eleanor posts it’s really sweet to watch them interact. She says she’s not a style blogger but her life seems naturally styled. It probably helps that they live in New York where you won’t look out of place if you wear a big floppy hat and have access to sick vintage finds. Part of the draw of following a blog that features a lifestyle that is so different from your own is that you can kinda live vicariously through it. I love watching what Naomi puts together, whether it’s a Lookbook she modeled for on More of Me Maternity or their day-to-day life in the apartment. It’s amazing to see how far she’s come as a blogger.