Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 4 “Suspicious Minds”

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Dan offered to take notes on this episode because I was not in the mood for note taking so I hesitantly said yes. I learned two things – One: He takes a lot more notes than I do. Two: He can’t take notes without foul language and/or referencing body parts to describe the characters. That said, you’ve been WARNED. Here’s Dan’s (mostly Dan, I had to edit for public viewing) take on Hart of Dixie Episode 4 “Suspicious Minds”.

Wade and Zoe | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Ha “again?” but this time with WWII Pilot talk? and then “sexy hobos on a train?” Sounds like lice & STDS… the CW really needs to take another look at whatever definition of “sexy” they are using, because Wade and Zoe’s half silly, half saucy relationship is missing half of its components. Anyway, this is how the episode opened, with Zoe’s face in Wade’s hairy armpit.

Here’s Zoe’s lace robe (I want it!) – Zinke Harvard Robe

Lemon on her houseboat | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Brick and Magnolia visit Lemon in her knew home. Lemon living on a houseboat just is not going to work – no way. And I guess this houseboat has air conditioning because nobody is sweating through their clothes. Lemon says she will stop at nothing to get Lavon re-elected… hmmm sounds dirty. Also, Magnolia wants to throw an orgy on the house boat.

Here’s Lemon’s lace top – Corey Lynn Calter Maria Lace Top

Zoe and pancakes | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Lavon (not pictured) is wearing a button down oxford shirt with large unnecessary plaid elbow patches. Zoe explains to Lavon how wonderful her casual thing with Wade is, despite her nunnery-leaning tendencies. Obviously Zoe is about to walk in on Wade gettin’ it on with somebody else.

Zoe’s dress and earrings – Iro Jane Dress from Saks and from Barneys and Gillian Steinhardt Large Labyrinth Drop Earrings 

Sexy Nurse Zoe Hart | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Keeping with their kinky, casual themed romance Zoe decides to dress up like a naughty doctor for Wade (only to find him with a sock on his door). Duh. Julia – “She really gonna do sexy doctor? Really? ugh! Omg Why!?” gasp “So awkward. Don’t dress up for a sexy buddy!”

Zoe showing some bra again to Wade | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Zoe in shorts – Julia likes. (It’s a cute bra too). Too bad she is so desperate that she has agreed to go on a date with Ruby’s cousin to work on not being monogamous and to make Wade jealous. Wade tells her that the blue dress will compliment her brown eyes – lame. Blue dress, brown dress, whatever dress, Zoe is off to make an ass of herself…as usual.

Zoe’s blazer and shorts – Jenni Kayne Crop Tux Jacket and Jenni Kayne Flat Front Shorts

Lemon preggo? | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Dan – Lemon’s retro ’50s poly-blend dress looks sweat inducing. Julia – I like it though! Lemon is freaking out, because she might be preggo! Julia – Wait, Lemon is not a virgin? Duh duh duhhhhh. Of course she’s not! She was with George for 37 years, and that dude just oozes testosterone.

Lemon’s dress (which is actually silk) – Heidi Merrick Silk Georgette Kevin Dress

Zack | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Ruby’s nice, unassuming cousin Zack get’s to have the most awkward date with Zoe. “What’s the catch of the day? You are!” Of course she’s trying to make Wade jealous and Wade is like eh whatever. We had to fast forward through pretty much their entire date. How many “so what’s a big city doc doing in a small town in the south?” conversations are we going to have to endure. No thanks, FFWD.

Shelby | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Per Wade’s advice, George tries to break up with Shelby by giving her the compliment sandwich (compliment, insult, compliment). But it doesn’t work. Shelby is like a South Park cliche of a Southern gal – basically she won’t go away and probably will rise again as a walker when she does.

Shelby’s sparkly ruffled dress – Ella Moss Georgia Dress from Ella Moss and at Revolve Clothing (it also comes in Midnight blue) or on sale at Nordstrom

Zoe and Ruby | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Zoe drunkenly blurted out that Lavon was caught shoplifting and Ruby goes into attack mode. Ruby is NOT a friend to Zoe and Zoe has to go tell Lavon that she was the one who blurted it out. Lavon gets mad at her as if she did it on purpose. Why is everybody making things Zoe’s fault when Ruby is out there wrecking shit?

Zoe’s dress is SO flattering! But that color is sold out. Here’s the blue version – Gryphon Dive Dress. Her necklace – Lionette Roma Sand Necklace

Ruby’s Black Halo dress (she’s worn more than a few Black Halo dresses) – Black Halo Jackie O Monet Print Dress

George breaking up with someone | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Shelby surprises George at the BBQ and George screws up the compliment sandwich by telling Shelby that he thinks she’s annoying and not very fun to be around. At least he was up front about it. Awkward but effective. Wade disapproves because he prefers sneakage and bullshit.

Lavon and Lemon | Hart of Dixie Suspicious Minds

Lemon fesses up to the town about stealing the pregnancy test (which thankfully turned out negative), perhaps saving the Owl endorsement for Lavon. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Good job Lemon. Lavon gives Ruby the 2 finger salute, which is somewhere in between peace, hi, and “nah nah, nah naaaaaaaah nah, game on bitch!” Julia – Lavon is such an adorable man.

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