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This year for Halloween festivities Dan and I looked significantly better than we did last year, because this year we actually dressed up for Halloween! Unlike Dan, I love Halloween. I love dressing up, I love candy, I love spooky movies (although I am a horror movie wuss), I love the decorations and I love all Halloweenish music. So when our friend Simon invited us to his Halloween party I was excited!

Halloween 2011 aka we're so boring

Dan and I last year – slummin’ it. Just kidding, a year ago (to the day!) we were watching movies, eating candy and looking like Jesus and a Hobo. We didn’t go out for Halloween. I blame the party pooper – Dan.

Daphne and Fred | Halloween Costumes for Couples

Dan actually came up with dressing as Daphne and Fred after a few sad days of some pathetically uncreative brainstorming. Our ideas included; Daphne and Fred, Don and Betty Draper, Superheroes, Colonial people (Dan just wanted to wear a powdered wig for some reason) and the ever politically correct – White Trash. I think our Scooby Doo characters were the best choice out of those options and we looked really cute!

Finding our costumes ended up being easier than we’d first thought. The best place to find a costume would be Red Light in Seattle but we were last minute shoppers and actually found almost everything we needed at Target. Thankfully, our costumes were easy to replicate with every day clothing. The only detail we were missing were our neck accessories. I headed to the craft store and picked out the brightest green and orange fabric I could find and then pinned Dan’s ascot together and cut my fabric into a long strip for a scarf. That’s as DIY as I get. Ideally, we would have worn wigs but neither of us liked that option so we styled our hair accordingly and went with what we had.

Daphne Costume:

– Purple dress (Target)

– White tights (Target)

– Purple headband (Target)

– Purple heels (my closet)

– Green scarf (fabric from craft store)

– Purple eye shadow and nail polish (the more purple the better)

Fred Costume:

– Blue polo shirt (his closet)

– White sweater (Target)

– Blue jeans (his closet)

– Brown shoes (his closet)

– Orange ascot (fabric from craft store)

Daphne and Fred 2012 | Halloween Costumes for Couples

This was the first time in my life that I have done a “couple’s costume” and I loved it! We look really happy and so dorky. :) Happy Halloween!

If you haven’t already celebrated over the weekend, what are your plans for Halloween? Dressing up? Staying in? Avoiding Hurricane Sandy? We’ll probably watch a Halloween themed movie and eat candy…this sounds familiar.

Daphne and Fred Scooby Doo gif