A Girl’s Worst Nightmare: Bramageddon

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Whether you’re falling out of your bra or you could easily stuff an entire tissue box in there, an ill-fitting bra has got to be one of the most frustrating things! Some people may think this is a weird topic but it’s as serious as your jeans not fitting – the worst! So what to do? Go get fitted and buy new ones. Which, depending on how you look at it can be a pain (you liked your old bras!) or a joyful experience, (yay fancy new bras!). I felt both, I liked my fairly recently purchased bras. But in the year I’ve been with Dan, a workout addict, my body has changed significantly. I was used to my bra size fluctuating but never like this. I’ve shrunk!

I decided that my first paycheck after getting my job back at Microsoft would pay for a couple bras (only two – I had to be very strict). I’m still in desperate need of a good strapless bra. It’s on my list. But I knew I wanted a black bra and a nude bra and after reading these (1,2) posts on A Piece of Toast, I was insanely interested in the Natori ‘Feathers’ bra that Sally and Molly raved about. Talk about the most comfortable, but pretty, bra ever! I’m in love. I bought one in nude, but this is my new standby – black here I come. Even Lincoln, the Nordstrom girl helping with the fitting said it was her favorite bra. I can see why, it doesn’t feel like you’re squished into something. However, it runs small. I had gone down a cup-size but in the Natori ‘Feathers’ I’m the same size as my old bras. As I was trying on the bra Lincoln said to me, “If you go smaller you’d be popping right out and you don’t want that.” I definitely agreed with her. So make note, Natori runs small.

Lincoln brought me a few bras other than Natori and on first sight I was hoping this emerald green Stella McCartney bra would fit like a dream but it was actually this Elle Macpherson bra that won me over. No matter how cute a bra is, if it doesn’t fit your body the way it should then it’s not meant to be. But I’m not at all disappointed, the Elle Macpherson crochet lace bra is now the prettiest bra I own. It feels good to look at two pretty, new bras in my drawer but it feels even better having bras that actually fit.


Natori ‘Feathers’ Underwire Bra in Cafe


Elle Macpherson Intimates ‘Big Wave Break’ Underwire Balconette Bra


Natori ‘Feathers’ Underwire Bra in Black