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The closest I’ve come to wearing a turban involves my morning ritual of putting my hair up in towel after a shower. Pretty fancy. But after playing on Pinterest and running into an insanely cute black turban from ASOS that’s now sold out (sad) I decided to look into this style.

There are two “turban” styles – the actual turban style hat or the turban style headband. The headband kinda reminds me of the headbands my Mom would wear skiing. This is when she had crazy short 90’s hair and would wear them across her forehead to cover her ears. My judgmental five year old self did not approve of this. Fortunately, the current trend is a lot less sporty and more romantic.

I personally wouldn’t wear a turban for a night out, but I would wear it as an alternative to a beanie or hat for winter. It’s definitely a more glamorous option to a beanie and would pair well with with sequins, feathers, velvet, basically anything 1920’s inspired. Would you put your beanie aside to don a turban?

Knitted hat

ASOS Knitted Turban Hat – This is the exact same style as the black turban I had my eye on before it sold out. There’s something about this style specifically that makes turbans appealing. It’s not too over the top, sits close to the head and isn’t far from a regular beanie style.

Bow hat

ASOS Bow Front Turban Hat – Her facial expression is ridiculous but this is an adorable hat. The bow with the turban shape is like a wink to the observer. Usually bows on hats are so cutesy but this retro style is a bit of young sophistication. Plus, it’s burgundy and I have been looking for burgundy hats for years and of course with “oxblood” the hit fall color, it’s everywhere. Thanks trends for finally catching on to my love of burgundy.


Anthropologie Kismet Knit Turban – I wish Anthropologie had a picture of a model wearing their hats so I could see if this turban is poofy but based on it’s shape I think it would be really pretty. It’s simple, tasteful, nothing too intense and it’s gray so of course I like it.


Anthropologie Textural Turban – There’s this street style photo that I’m obsessed with, yet can’t seem to find, of a woman in a leather jacket, a bunch of sweater layers, a silk satin skirt and a turban/headband. She’s the epitome of winter glamour, and exactly what this turban style headband reminds me of. With this berry headband I’d be that much closer to becoming that stylish woman on the street.

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