Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 6 “Walk the Line”

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This episode of Hart of Dixie didn’t end up with a lot of notes from Dan and I. It wasn’t that the episode was bad, it just felt like nothing really happened. I think Zoe was the least annoying this episode and even though Lemon has entitlement issues, I did feel bad for her at the end of the episode when Lavon gives her a candle as a thank you. A candle? I’ll get into that more later.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

The episode begins with a lot of bad puns, and a chicken that apparently predicts the outcome of mayoral elections. Lemon and Lavon discuss how Lavon needs to take Ruby down. Lemon (still not pregnant) has obviously fallen for the venerable Mayor Hayes once again. Barf!

Lemon’s shirt is really cute. It’s the 10 Crosby Double Collar Top by Derek Lam

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Zoe and Magnolia are concerned about Brick being a pain in the ass. Isn’t he always a pain in the ass to one degree or another? Zoe wants to give Brick an examination. Magnolia wants driving lessons. Brick wants Zoe to order cotton swabs.

Is this the first time we’ve seen Zoe in a peplum? I could be wrong. Zoe is wearing the Rebecca Taylor Glitter Print Peplum Top and it is available at Rebecca Taylor, Zappos and Bloomingdale’s.

And Magnolia in this scene (not shown because she moves around too fast) is wearing a Rachel Roy Twisted Halter Dress

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

“Ground and pound grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Lemon and Annabeth try to pump Lavon up for his debate. They succeed for about 5 seconds before he gets all googlie eyed over Ruby, who he no longer cares about defeating, as long as she stays in town. Um Ruby, please go! You’re turning the best character on the show into George Tucker 2.0.

I totally recognized Annabeth’s necklace from one of Stella & Dot’s Instagram pics. She’s wearing the Stella & Dot Gold & Coral Epoxy Stone Olivia Bib Necklace

I can’t find Lemon’s lace/embroidered shirt but I found this Josie Lace Blouse which has the same shape and similar style.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Zoe offers to teach Magnolia how to drive, if Brick is willing to submit himself to her doctorly arts. Considering Zoe just diagnosed somebody with leprosy a few weeks ago, I’m not sure why she still has a practice or patients.

Zoe’s outfit is pretty offbeat but I love it! She can definitely rock menswear inspired pieces. She’s wearing a Stripe Racer Back Tank T by Alexander Wang which is also available in Indigo/Black stripe. Her pants are 3.1 Phillip Lim Stretch Wool Pencil Trousers.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Annabeth allows herself to be Lemon’s doormat once again! Apparently Lemon’s secret affair with Lavon last season gives her dibs on the mayor. Annabeth fight for your man! If they built up the Annabeth crush on Lavon only to have her give up for good just because Lemon also likes Lavon, I’m going to be mad.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

George offers to be a walking advertisement for Tansy’s new beauty salon by letting Tansy cut his hair, if she agrees to vote for Lavon. I guess the haircut was taking too long for Wade who hooks up Tansy’s trailer to George’s truck and starts driving away mid-cut. There is only one way this is going to get fixed so tune in next week for a bald George Tucker!

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

George has been seeing this chick (I forget her name) but she’s not very political. He convinced her to vote but it turns out she voted for Ruby. He gets upset, she thinks he’s trying to tell her what to do. And just as quickly as the relationship began, it is now over. Oh well. The odds of George hooking up with Wade’s ex-wife Tansy seem pretty good.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Lavon won! He is still Mayor of Bluebell but neither Lavon nor Ruby seem to care because they are too busy making out to hear who had won. Here they are drinking champagne and making eyes at each other. It seems strange to me that Ruby would give up so quickly on something she was really fighting for. She seemed like she’d be a sore loser. Maybe she’ll break Lavon’s heart.

Ruby is wearing a Rachel Roy Inset Crepe Dress and it’s available at Rachel Roy in red or black and at Shopbop.

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Lavon gives Lemon a candle as a thank you gift for running his campaign. A candle. Yep. The gift you give people you don’t really know well. Because who doesn’t love candles? Er… Lemon was gracious but wanted to burst into tears and say something like (cue Southern Belle accent) “Oh Lavon, I just love you so! Don’t you see that you and Ruby have nothing compared to the love we shared? Oh please Lavon, don’t leave me!”

Hart of Dixie Walk the Line

Wade and Zoe are doing their monogamous thing and it seems to be working just fine for them. They didn’t really have many scenes together, but we know that they are still acting like they hate each other in public. I mostly just liked her bra in this scene.

Zoe’s bra is the Josie Etoile 3/2 Contour Underwire Bra in Blueberry/Josie Red. Josie is part of Natori and I have a few Josie bras that I love!

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    I’m in love with the Rebecca Taylor peplum top. I need that print in my closet

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