GFPP – My Brother Jonah’s Interview with Seattle Met!

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GFPP – Gratuitous Family Pride Post. My parent’s just shared this interview on Facebook and I got all full of pride that I had to share it too. It’s definitely weird reading something about your brother from someone else’s perspective. Jonah is one of those people that people come up to me and say, “You’re Jonah’s sister? I love Jonah! He’s the nicest guy.” I know he’ll downplay this but I think it’s awesome that he was interviewed.

Jonah is the Sous Chef of Holly Smith’s restaurant Cafe Juanita and he was interviewed by Allecia Vermillion for Seattle Met. Check out his interview – Favorite Things: Cafe Juanita Sous Chef Jonah Amodt.

cafe juanita sous chef jonah amodt


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