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Every holiday before I moved out, my Mom and I would make a fun day of decorating the dining room table. This was a lot harder (and more enjoyable!) than it sounds. Thanksgiving is a lot easier than say, Christmas, because my Mom is naturally drawn to the colors of autumn. She always seems to come home with gold/orange/amber napkins or chargers or napkin rings. Even the dining room is painted orange/gold. Year after year we would scour the house for Thanksgiving table decorations, with her grabbing every fabric and nick-knack in sight and me saying yes to this and hell no to that or, “that’s what we used last year!” She’d always respond with, “well, this is what we’ve got to work with!” and we’d do our best to make the table a little different from the previous year.

I’m interested to see what she’s done this year without me. I know she likes my help but we both know she is just as capable of making a fantastic table setting on her own. We both love home decorating and these past few weeks on Pinterest I’ve been delightfully bombarded with Thanksgiving table settings and decorations. When my Mom and I would decorate, we didn’t have an inspiration resource like Pinterest. There are so many unique ideas for table decorating that it makes me that much more excited for the holiday season. Below are some of my favorites but if you click through the images you’ll find even more harvest and holiday themed photos. Plus, check out my Everything Fall board on Pinterest and if you’re over falling leaves and pumpkins and turkeys, check out my Winter is Coming board.

thanksgiving table settings

Even if you don’t have a wooden box to fill, you can still use pillar candles in varying heights and a mixture of pumpkins and gourds. This picture does however, make me want to find a wooden box to recreate this look.

thanksgiving table settings

I know this is really similar to the one above but I love how they incorporated leaves, pine cones and branches along with the pumpkins and candles. My Mom has been known to truck outside with her garden shears for a few pine branches.

Harvest Table | Country Living | thanksgiving table settings

Look at those adorable squirrel candle holders! A little kitschy and a whole lot homey, this country feeling table spread just has so much warmth. I’d feel so comfortable stuffing my face if I were sitting at this table during Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving table settings

This table setting is gorgeous. Have I told you that I might want an autumn wedding? This would be fitting for an outdoor wedding but I think it works for Thanksgiving as well. The natural aspects remind me of harvest and would be beautiful in warmer locations where sunshine and warmth may be more likely.

creativecandles at kathryn leach home Thanksgiving Table Settings

This could be right off the set of Practical Magic! It is rustic and festive but also witchy and mysterious with the super tall candles and muted colors. Eating in this room would feel like you’re eating in the Owen sister’s greenhouse. Festive and nature inspired without being tacky.


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