November Gray

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This is not how I wanted to start my post. With a title involving gray. Don’t get me wrong, I love gray but I really wanted to explain my love for these two shirts. I want to live in them. And I actually have the first top in burgundy/oxblood. I was so disappointed that Nordstrom doesn’t have that color online. However, they might still have burgundy in stores. I wanted to showcase the shirt because I might have to buy it in black, gray and white as well. It’s ridiculously comfortable. I went on one of those shopping trips where you kinda just grab things and figure you’ll give them a chance. You never know how something will look on you until it’s on, otherwise I may have left the bat-wing-esque top where I found it. I’m so glad I didn’t. Even though it’s floaty, it has an off the shoulder shape that is just slightly sexy. Love!

The gray sweater was one that Dan picked out. He is more likely to pick things that I will look decent in, because I go for what I like visually and not what would actually suit my body type. He’s kind of great like that. I usually wear a small or medium but I looked at the tag this morning and realized he had given me an xtra-small so the sweater is much more fitted on me than the model below. Plus, it’s incredibly soft with just a touch of cashmere. I hug myself when I wear it, that’s how nice it feels.

gray sweater

Stem Dolman Pocket Top – also available in black and white

gray sweater

Press Pullover Sweater – also available in Blood Orange