Hart of Dixie S2 Episode 9 “Sparks Fly”

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Hart of Dixie was full of awkward dates this week thanks to the crazy town of Bluebell and their auction for who knows what (really, does someone remember why they were having this town “event”?). Nothing seems to go right for the characters. Carl Winslow made an extended appearance but even he couldn’t save Lemon and Lavon from accidentally going on the blandest date ever. Is that Brick with the crazy shopping obsessed girl George was dating a few episodes ago? Sure is! This town is just one big happy family… with everybody dating everybody else. One day, Magnolia will become an actual love interest for one of the male characters and Dan will stop watching the show.

Zoe and Wade | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Zoe finds Wade doing some handyman stuff and asks him why he hasn’t been calling for her lately. He says double shifts are at fault and seems like she buys it. Is she really that dumb? Double shifts wouldn’t keep Wade away from getting some booty! Obviously he’s hurt that Zoe is still stuck on boring George Tucker and she doesn’t seem to get that Wade wants a “real” relationship.

Zoe is wearing a Kimberly Ovitz Mori Pocket Blouse which is also available from ASOS but sadly, the pants which are the Maje Learn crepe tapered pants are sold out.

George Tucker's "I don't know about this" face | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Tansy is something else. She comes into George’s office like the Tasmanian Devil, spills coffee on his lap, interrupts him five times and then goes on a rant about wanting to get custody of Dolly Parton. She’s so frenzied that for a second you believe she actually wants to steal Jolene singing Dolly Parton! Dolly Parton turns out to be a dog and George Tucker, being both grounded and polite, explains it might not be possible but he’ll definitely help.

Lemon's not a fan of her Dad being a couch potato | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Carl Winslow asks Lemon to get her father to participate in the bachelor auction and she obliges, mostly because she doesn’t want her father, a Breeland, wallowing on the couch bemoaning his failed relationship with Emily by watching curling. If you’re going to watch curling that intently you must be depressed. I like those throw pillows but Lemon has worn everything in this Karen Walker collection – it’s gone too far!

Lemon’s dress is the Karen Walker Asymmetric Dress

Zoe holding Wade's basket | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Magnolia actually wins Wade in the auction but Zoe bribes her with Taylor Swift tickets to get Wade for herself. Unfortunately, Zoe gets weird and decides they need a trivia book to supply conversation and then gets even weirder when she finds out George Tucker likes Tansy. This is no good for Wade so he ends their date with an, “I don’t want to evolve,” speech that Zoe just sorta blinks at. Fun times.

Zoe is wearing the Anine Bing Quilted Leather Jacket

Edit (Thanks Bethany for the email) Zoe’s cheetah top is by the brand Pleione.

Brick's shopping obsessed date | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Brick ends up on a date with shopping obsessed girl in my favorite scene in this episode. He is either used to shopping obsessed girls (like Magnolia) or he was genuinely fascinated by this girl’s ability to put together an outfit by using an app on her phone. I’m hoping for the latter because he looked fairly delighted by this tech knowledge, especially when she broke out the fireflies app.

Lemon and Lavon's awkward but not so awkward date | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Lavon takes Lemon to the date that was meant for Ruby, with champagne, flowers everywhere and violinists. Lemon’s response to this, “What is she, like Queen of the Fairies or something?” It does look very Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Unless their food was amazing I don’t see how this date would be very interesting for either of them, especially when the violinist demands that they slow dance.

I LOVE the dress that Lemon is wearing which is the Nanette Lepore Varsity Lace Dress but it seems to be sold out everywhere!

Tansy, her tutu wearing dog, Zoe, and a bleeding George | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

This is what happens when you hang out with Tansy. I really have no words. Let’s just say Tansy got George to steal her dog and in the process George punched through a car window, hence the wince face and bloody bandana.  Aren’t you supposed to use your elbow? Anyone break a window before and want to share their experience?

Ruby | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

Even though Ruby has been so distracted by her move to Dallas, she explains to Lavon that he doesn’t have to worry; her heart is in Bluebell. Lavon tells Ruby he loves her and she says she loves him too. Long distance, here they come!

Lonely Wade | Hart of Dixie Sparks Fly

This is how we end the episode – with sad, unloved Wade Kinsella walking into his empty house alone. Zoe, being the major wuss she is, decides to not try and fix things between Wade for fear of what? Rejection? Missing out on other opportunities? Emotional intimacy? That Wade might just be the right fit for her? Who cares that he probably will never plan a date up to Lavon’s “Queen of the fairies” standard?

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