Wet n Wild Brandywine 666 – Still the Best $0.99 Product

By Monday, December 10, 2012 4 Permalink

Wet n Wild Brandywine 666

If there is one product from ten-fifteen, even twenty years ago that I would swear by, it would be the 99 cent Wet-n-Wild Brandywine 666 lip pencil. Back in the day, lip liner was a staple but now, unless you’re doing a legit red lip, lip pencils are not a regular in an everyday makeup bag. It seems very 90s, that brownish red (sometimes black!) lip pencil lining your lips so the line sticks out and finished with some balm. This was a big look with the 90s supermodels.

Wet-n-Wild Brandywine 666 used to always sell out and based on reviews it’s still beloved. I wore this color for years! Always searching the Wet-n-Wild section to stock up. My Mother approved because it was more neutral than the days of my magenta lipstick obsession. Neither one of us have nice naturally colored lips, our natural lip color is as pale if not paler than our skin tone, so she’d use lip liner as a base before putting on lipstick. I learned from her that Wet-n-Wild 666 was a go-to color – it actually gives us a slight burgundy but natural looking lip color. Plus, using a lip pencil was a good way to learn makeup application – you can see the line but if you make a mistake it’s a lot easier to fix than a staining bright red.

So why a post explaining my love for this color? Burgundy is big right now for fall/winter, as are a few other 90s colors – think brick red, wine, brownish red. I stopped using Wet-n-Wild 666 years ago when I got into lighter blush colored pinks but now I wish I had it in my makeup bag. It is versatile go-to color for all skin tones – it can be a great neutral when you’re really lazy and want to fill in your lips, or it can be mixed with a darker lipstick to make a very sexy, very vampy burgundy pout.