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I can’t believe Christmas is over! It all went by so fast and we still haven’t had a lick of snow here, so it never quite felt like the holiday season. I wish all the blogs would keep putting out holiday gift guides and stocking stuffer ideas. It’s all so festive and exciting! Fortunately, really good style is just as exciting and inspirational.

After a nice (and super filling!) Christmas Day with the Amodt family, I went home to surf Pinterest and catch up on some blogs. I saw a lot of holiday related things, but also some girls sporting really good style. It’s only fair to share with you what I found. There are so many style bloggers out there, constantly doing their thing. I really commend them for coming up with daily outfits that still look inspired. That’s talent right there.

Blogger Style

Jacey of Damsel in Dior did not stop working during this holiday season, even during a holiday trip to Aspen. And I just loved all of her posts! Talk about a style elf, she got shit done and made it look effortless. This outfit, from top to bottom, is amazing. I’m dying for her boots and considering that I adore her jacket, despite usually hating yellow, I think she’s a winner here.

Modified Schoolgirl | Cupcakes and Cashmere | Blogger Style

Another blogger who has been working hard this year, especially after her book release, is Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. She’s been jetting all over the country for her book tour, but still has time to shoot outfit posts. This outfit had a special accessory that I’m obsessed with – a delicate ear cuff. I’m scared I will rip one of those out but I still want one, especially one as delicate as the one Emily is wearing.

Blogger Style

I’ve seen this picture floating around Pinterest and Tumblr and decided to track it down. Turns out those feet belong to Jules of Sincerely, Jules and she has a serious thing for leopard. Once I found the owner of this cute combo of pointy leopard flats and ankle zip skinny jeans I thought, of course! It should come from her because part of her style focus is on great shoe + pant combos. If you’re wondering how to wear a certain shoe + pant combo, she’s your gal.

Blogger Style

Maybe I haven’t been paying much attention but I have been waiting to find a blogger who has bought and worn this dress from Anthropologie! Samantha of Could I Have That? even paired the dress with my favorite – a sexy leather jacket. I hadn’t visited her blog on the regular and now I realize that Samantha has a style that I want for myself. A mixture of edgy and feminine-pretty. She loves lace as much as she loves leather and let’s just say, now I’m paying attention.