DIY Rodarte Celestial Hair Accessory

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DIY Rodarte Celestial Hair Accessory | DIY Glitter Star Hair Pin (Rodarte Inspired)

I’m sorry for not posting this sooner but I just had to share this DIY with you. The star hair clips seen at Rodarte’s Fall 2012 show can be replicated and fairly easily. If you have time to spare and are good at DIY’s that is – I’m not so good at DIY’s but this seemed easy enough to me. It’s a beautiful hair accessory and why buy a star hair accessory that looks half as good when you can make your own?

Below is a tutorial from Bella Sugar, but there is also a tutorial from Refinery 29 that shows a different way to fasten the clip, so check that out, especially if you don’t own a hot glue gun.

DIY Rodarte Stars Hair Pin via Bella Sugar

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