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Eye Primers

A few weeks ago Julia asked for my recommendation on eye primers. Ever since that day I have been researching different eye primers. I may be a makeup junkie but I’m a bebie compared to most makeup lovers. I have not even come close to trying all the eye primers out there. Samples were obtained, play makeup sessions were tried and products were thrown in the garbage in the process of this post.

I came up with the top 5 eye primers that I have used, tried, loved, liked and would definitely buy again.  If you’re like me, eye primers are great for creating a dramatic and long lasting look. Others need a primer as oily eye lids can ruin and smudge your look throughout the day.  Try these out and see for yourself

eye primer

1. Benefit  Lemon-aid :: I stumbled upon this product from a girl I use to work with. At the time I was told it was an under eye concealer and lightener. After a hard night of partying and drinking away my cares, my eye makeup was literally intact the next morning. The violet purple pigment I used from M.A.C. was still going strong. I go back to this primer from time to time just because of the good relationship “we” use to have.

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue :: This product is no joke. When it says glue, you get that glue like bond. Made specifically for eye glitter and loose eye shadows, this primer will keep that shimmer on your eyes and not on your face. I would recommend this only for those loose pigments and shimmers.

3. bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer :: From my years as a Bare Escentuals girl, I had to rep this product. Now they make the primer in different shades and colors (which at the time we complained about needing and wanting). This is a great every day eye primer to have in your stock.

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden Eden :: I briefly touched on this last week but I do love this primer. It’s currently in my rotation with my must have favorite products. I have not tried the other variations of this, only the Eden Eden. I would be curious to see how those would work and affect my eye color choices.

5. MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study  :: Good ol’ reliable. MAC has a traditional eye primer, but I love the paint pots for their ability to change up the look of an eye shadow. Bare Study is a great neutral for every day but they have 16 colors to choose from, so don’t just rely on one.  These are my MAC go-to’s after they discontinued shadesticks. R.I.P. Shark Skin.

Next week I will be back with how to use these eye primers to create some dramatic, fun and different looks with your shadows.

-Jamie from The Lady and The Beard