An Early Birthday Message from My Bestie Simon

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A couple days ago Simon texted me and asked me if he could write a post for my blog. The thought of Simon writing something that would be posted on my style blog was hilarious so I said of course. Now that I’ve read it I have to make a few comments. One: I only made him see the second Twilight movie with me and I haven’t seen any of the other ones. Two: The dress he’s talking about? Let’s just say he may have liked it a little more than I did haha…Thank you Simon!  – Julia


Tomorrow is Julia’s birthday. For those of you who read her blog consistently you might remember that on my birthday (Christmas eve) Jules wrote a piece about me. This was very touching for a couple of reasons. First because she took the time and effort to do it and secondly because having a piece about me on a fashion blog makes about as much sense as a Mila Kunis dating Macauley Culkin. It happened but no one is really sure why…

So back to Julia’s birthday. It’s a big deal! So even though I’m not even close to the writer Julia is, what follows will be an effort to explain how awesome she is.

I’ve known Julia since I was in the 8th grade and my family moved into the same neighborhood as hers. However, we didn’t become really close friends until she turned 21. On that day I was heading to a bar with some people and decided to stop into Julia’s birthday party (the whole neighborhood was invited) just to be polite. Being the fashion smart gal she is Julia looked incredibly pretty in a dress and being the dumb guy I am I suddenly decided we should be closer friends. We started hanging out a lot and quickly discovered we are very different people. A lot of times we joke about how it doesn’t really make sense that we’re friends. I’m a stereotypical guy – love sports, beer or whiskey, like dumb movies, and am not what you’d call “fashionable.” Jules hates sports, likes wine, likes Twilight (a different kind of dumb movie), and obviously has a fashion blog.

So how have we remained such good friends? It’s because she is one of those rare people who truly cares. When she asks how things are going she isn’t just trying to make conversation. She’s asking because she really wants to know. She’s the kind of friend that you want to tell good news to right away because she’ll be excited for you. She’s made me a smarter, happier, and a more self aware person. Jules also has an incredible work ethic and takes pride in what she does (A couple of weeks ago at dinner with her and Dan I heard she treats Style and Cheek like a full time job) and it shows.

So take a few seconds today to leave her a Happy Birthday comment or send her a tweet @styleandcheek (Simon says) and thanks for supporting her blog. She knows whats she’s talking about. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have worn this dress. If she hadn’t worn this dress I would have missed out on having an amazing friend.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Julia