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The Makeup Lady

The Makeup Lady:  Mascaras

Mascara is the one must-have product of mine. In case you missed the post, check it out here.  I experiment with so many different brands, wands and formulas that I feel like I have tried it all. I tend to like things a certain way and mascara is in that category. The look I go for is large, full, voluminous lashes.

Everyone swears by a different wand and brand. There is not one  perfect mascara on the market. It will truly vary depending on what you want. To make it easier, I’ve made categories and collages. All those fun, easy to view images to help you find the perfect mascara.

For the “soft, barely looks like you have anything on” look:


This look is generally best for the women that want something natural looking or if you already have full, thick lashes. The wands tend to be less dense and the formula is thinner.

For the “give me drama and make them look fake” look:


As the title implies, these mascaras are for the women that want that thick, luscious look to their lashes. These brushes are denser and you will find the formula is much thicker as well.

The best thing about these mascara types?  You don’t have to spend department store prices for great mascara. There are some well-known drug store brands that will work just as well.  Just make sure to change out your mascara every 1-3 months and don’t pump the wand into the tube. This just adds unnecessary air into the tube causing it to dry out faster.

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-Jamie of The Lady and The Beard