Thank You

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Both recaps are postponed until tomorrow. I was in an awesome mood yesterday and then suddenly I came down with a fever which got in the way of blogging. I’m still feeling “under the weather” so bear with me please.

Thank You

Last Saturday, the 16th, I turned 25. To some people that’s a big deal, to others I’m still a youngin’. But to me, I feel a bit lost. Last year I imagined myself in grad school at this time, enjoying the hot hot heat in Georgia, but life is funny and I’m now on a whole different path. I’m a future thinker so not having a plan really stresses me out, but I know I’m so much happier now compared to August. My life overall is really amazing, even though I have no idea what I am doing!

Thank You

So I wanted to say thank you for those who read the blog. I know a lot of you are one-timers who land on the blog randomly but for those of you who are regulars, you guys are awesome. I appreciate that you’ve followed me on my journey and I hope that you find my blog fun and informative or helpful in some way. Blogging is something I love doing and even though it’s constantly evolving, I’m grateful for those who are along for the ride.

Which brings me to my more specific Thank Yous:

Simon – You really didn’t have to write a blog post for my birthday, but you did. When I told Dan you were going to post something on my blog he didn’t believe it. You’re really an amazing friend, which I’m sure you already know, but thank you for being my best friend. Even if we have so little in common, you’re a wonderful person to have as a buddy.

Jamie – You also didn’t have to write a blog post! Between the invitation to your wedding, the birthday package, and the post, I was blown away by all of it. I’m so glad we’ve been collaborating and feel like we’re in the same boat, we’re both newish bloggers trying to figure out what we want from our blogs and not just with blogging, with friendship too. I’m happy we’ve become such good blogger friends and wish we lived closer (even though I’d buy too many clothes and probably have too many hangovers).

Dan – Ugh, you deserve a whole post…or a billion posts, because you are everything. Not just to me, but to the blog. You know I couldn’t do it without you. But in general, I love you so much, even though I suck at showing it sometimes. I know I’m too wrapped up in my head, especially lately, but thank you for being there and loving me and being patient and helping me see things for how they really are.  I’m not going to get too mushy because we’re private but I love you and thank you for being the biggest supporter – in all ways.