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I was never into Laguna Beach or The Hills. I’ve maybe seen five minutes of an episode, so my knowledge of Lauren Conrad was based on whatever I heard from friends or the tabloids. Then she started popping up in magazines for beauty and fashion advice and I liked what she had to say. People may say whatever about Laguna Beach and The Hills and Lauren Conrad, but the brand she has made of herself is really cool. I applaud her for her business woman ways.

When I like a brand or a person’s style I try to cover all the bases – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. But sometimes I can’t keep it all organized and one of those sites fall through the cracks. This is why I only started following’s Pinterest board last week. Silly me. Anyway, after I finally started following her Pinterest board, I found a few articles I liked so much that I wanted to share them here. They’re interior design focused because I’m dying to destroy this apartment and start from scratch, which is not possible, so I’m decorating vicariously through Pinterest instead.

Living Together: 5 Decorating Tips for Couples -

Living Together: 5 Decorating Tips for Couples –  I have to say, I got extremely lucky with Dan. We have such similar taste in everything, but I was really worried we wouldn’t like the same styles when it comes to decorating. Thankfully, after many conversations (sometimes revolving around my Pinterest boards) and adventures through stores, I’ve concluded that we won’t have many disagreements when it comes to decorating. Thank god I’m not dating someone who loves man caves and think that sports blankets are ideal throws. This post however, from Lauren Conrad’s website, is incredibly helpful when it comes to mixing masculine and feminine pieces in your home. I’m pretty sure I repinned all of the photos from this post.

Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Know -

Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Know – This post is incredibly simple. It’s perfect for interior design beginners, like me. I haven’t had the opportunity to do any decorating and like I said, am dying to rearrange and make my home feel like home. The apartment Dan and I live in is very comfortable but even a bouquet of flowers looks out of place in this mish-mash apartment. One of the most important tips in the post focuses on comfort and staying true to your style. Sometimes I’m drawn to pieces that I love visually but definitely won’t be comfortable or functional, or trendy pieces that look great in other homes but really don’t speak to me, like Lucite furniture.

Explore: How to Shop a Flea Market -

Explore: How to Shop a Flea Market – I’ve been obsessed with flea markets for awhile now. I get insanely jealous when I read about awesome flea market finds on blogs, so I did a little happy dance when I found this post. My experience with furniture shopping is limited but it has never involved a treasure hunt that includes bargaining for your find. These tips are incredibly useful for someone who dreams of finding special one-of-a-kind pieces but has never been to a flea market. Yep, never have I ever. But I am all for finding unique pieces at a good price.