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Pastel Jewelry

I haven’t played with jewelry on ‘How She’d Wear It’ but I figured it might be helpful to try it with month’s trend, pastels. What I like about this post is that that combinations can extend beyond pastels, while still providing useful tips for those who want to try this trend.

Pastel Jewelry

1. Adia Kibur Multi Layer Pastel Necklace

2. Coach Garden Flower Bib Necklace

3. Banana Republic Spring Fling Necklace

4. Madewell Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Ferrous Wash

A bib necklace paired with a buttoned chambray is a look that’s been insanely popular, especially for fashion bloggers. It was probably Atlantic Pacific with all her layering that clued me into this look. I had never thought to pair such a casual shirt with a gaudy necklace, and it meant that some of my most beloved pieces were no longer limited to fancy nights out – they could finally shine in the daytime. The light colored chambray pairs perfectly with pastel pieces, as long as they provide contrast. Your sky blues and mints might get lost, but pink, coral, lavender, yellow, or any multi-colored necklace will look beautiful against a casual jean shirt.

Pastel Jewelry

1. Kelly Wearstler Sideways Horn Necklace

2. Margaret Elizabeth The Emily Chrysopase

3. Margaret Elizabeth Blue Quartz Point

4. Topshop Oversized Roll Sleeve Tee Light Grey

A bib necklace would also look great with a t-shirt but I wanted pendants to have some love too. You want the pendant to be the focus, which is why a plain t-shirt is a great choice. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt gal like me, then you will appreciate this combo. My style is very simple, so I tend to gravitate toward simple jewelry, like pendant necklaces. It creates an actual look, instead of just your regular jean and tee uniform. Druzy necklaces and stones in pastel hues are wonderful for those who want to wear light colors but prefer a modern look instead of a gaudy or floral piece.

Pastel Jewelry

1. BaubleBar Mint Fox Bangle

2. Sequin Hinged Bangle

3. Tory Burch Cecil Floral Riviera Hinge Bracelet

4. Margaret Elizabeth Pink Amethyst Teardrop Bangle

5. Coach Three Quarter Snakeskin Bangle

6. J.Crew Daisy Lace Three-quarter Sleeve Tee

If you’re going to wear bangle bracelets, you better make sure people can see them. Of course you can roll up your sleeves, but if you’re going to commit to an arm party why not make it easy and wear a top with cropped sleeves? It’s always fun to see how people style their bracelets. You could do a stack of the same bracelet in different colors, mix and match different ones with your favorite gold watch, or bring in other colors to pair with pastels. Experiment, but make sure people can see them. I didn’t do a separate segment for rings because you can wear rings with anything but if you wanna go all out with your arm party, add big, colorful cocktail rings.

Pastel Jewelry

1. Erickson Beamon Pretty in Punk Stud Earrings

2. BaubleBar Fulham Citrine Lilah Drops

3. Margaret Elizabeth Emerald Cut Aqua & Moonstone Earrings

4. Anton Heunis Small Leaf Drop Pixel Earrings

5. Eva NYC Twist Bun Hair Extension

When I was thinking about pastel earrings I got stuck. Like rings, you can wear earrings with anything. But I was mostly focused on studs and not bigger, bolder earrings with multiple stones. Statement earrings, as I am calling them, were stuck in my head with prom dresses and my Mom’s 80’s cocktail dresses, but why limit them to that? Really it comes down to your hair. If your hair is showcasing the earrings, you can wear pretty much anything. To make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing your pre-prom hair and makeup outfit, mess up your updo a little bit. Make it casual or unusual or unique. You can twist your own hair but this twist bun hair extension is a good example of an updo that is a little casual but perfect for your prettiest pastel earrings.

– Julia of Style and Cheek


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