The Makeup Lady – Red Lip Secrets

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The Makeup Lady

The Makeup Lady – Red Lip Secrets

Red lips have been the hot lip color trend since early last year. We could really say that they have been around for many years, but the general public latched on to this lip color trend and has yet to let go. The only problem is, red is a hard color to master. From picking the right shade, to making sure it stays put, it’s just such a hassle. I have Gwen Stefani lip envy, because she makes it look so effortless.

Gwen Stefani | Red Lipstick

It’s not that tedious of a process but it takes a few extra steps than your normal lip color would.  The biggest concern most people have is with their lip color “bleeding” or fading away. I’m here to offer up some tips and products that will be sure to keep your lips looking Gwen Stefani-esque.

1. HYDRATE – this should go without saying but hydrate your lips! Reapply your chapstick or moisturizing lip balm every few hours. No one wants crusty, flaky red lips.

2. Use a lip primer – with so many lip primers on the market it can be hard to choose.

3. Get a lip brush – applying lipstick with a lip brush is more precise and helps to make sure you are applying it evenly.

4. Conceal around the lip line – even if you are using a lip primer, always use concealer. I feel you can never be safe enough, especially when it comes to red lips. Here are some concealers to check out.

5. Use a lip pencil – refer to the last sentence of #4. What’s important about a lip pencil is that it cannot only help extend the life of your color, but it will help the color from “bleeding”. Make sure to NOT pick a red lip liner, but choose something that is closer to your natural lip color.  A color like Wet-n-Wild Brandywine would do the trick.

6. Apply and blot – this helps to keep the excess color from sitting on your lips, which in turn gets all over your teeth. It’s not a pretty look.

Red Lipstick

1.  Urban Decay Lip Potion Primer :: 2.  M-A-C  Prep + Prime :: 3. Bare Escentuals Lip Rev-er Upper :: 4. M-A-C 316  Lip Brush :: 5. Bobbi Brown Retraceable Lip Brush :: 6. Smashbox Nude Lip Liner :: 7. Wet-N-Wild Brandywine Lip Liner


– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard



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