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I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! I’m just gonna say, I am hurting today. We went out Saturday and Sunday to Irish pubs and stuffed our faces with delicious, greasy food. Oh my god. I’m in pain just thinking about it. We’re definitely detoxing this week. I don’t know what a salad even is anymore. Hopefully your weekend was much less dramatic.

But let’s talk about what this post is really about, brows! Big, beautiful brows. I’d like to blame my unkempt brows on an attempt to grow them out, but really it’s an expense that I’ve put on the backburner. Honestly, it’s been good for them. A lot of people, me included, have a tendency to overpluck the dominant side of their face – I’m left handed, so I overpluck my left brow. And sometimes it’s hard to put the tweezers down, even after the damage has been done. So for now, I’m ok with growing them as long as I don’t end up looking like the Dad from the O.C.

I was inspired by this video from Pixiwoo about growing out their brows. And I just loved when Nic said, “The way you pluck your brows, is the way they grow back.” I’ve had a few hairs grow straight out and now I know to not pluck my brows straight out! Pluck them in the direction you want them to grow.

Growing back your eyebrows by: Pixiwoo

I love these girls! Beyond admiring their gorgeous tutorials, I always learn something and that’s part of why I love them. So knowledgeable, fun, and genuine. I noticed that they tend to use products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the same place I get my brows waxed. They have really good products and I love getting my brows done there because they really take the time to shape and pluck and lecture you about plucking on the dominate side…ha!


Big Brows

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Big Brows

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Big Brows

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Big Brows

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