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HSWI-march | Pastels

We’re trying some new things on ‘How She’d Wear It’ and we’d love your feedback. I love making outfit collages but I’ve started to get bored with the same thing every week. Like last week, this week’s collages are a little different, focusing not so much on the entire outfit but specific pieces and combinations. I’m not getting rid of the full-on outfit collages altogether, just taking a break until I feel inspired again. Do you prefer outfit collages? Like the new collages? Or would you like to see a mixture of both?

For this week I wanted to explore something that I tend to have trouble with, figuring out what type of jacket pairs best with my outfit. Tackling this during pastel month is fitting because I so rarely wear pastels – which means I would definitely run into a jacket decision problem. The key is to avoid looking like a five year old; pastels are often associated with birthday cake and little girl’s dresses, so it is important that even the girliest piece translates into classy and stylish everyday wear.

How She'd Wear It suede + eyelet leather + lace | Pastels

1. Acne Rita Suede Aviator Jacket

2. Jack by BB Dakota Rather Pond of You Dress

3. AllSaints Cropped Riley Biker Jacket

4. Mango Openwork Motifs Dress

With eyelet or lace you need something with a little bit of edge. Here’s my completely arbitrary rule – eyelet with suede, lace with leather. Lace has the potential to be edgy but usually has that relaxed vibe, where eyelet will forever remind me of fields of daisies. The best fabric for a cottage-like eyelet blouse or dress would be soft and natural, like suede. The color of the eyelet or lace piece determines the color of the jacket. The blue of this dress pairs well with light tan, cream, or blush, where as pink, a louder color, can handle a black leather jacket.

How She'd Wear It denim jacket +sheer blouse | Pastels

1. H&M Denim Jacket

2. Modcloth Le Marais of Sunshine Top

3. CURRENT/ELLIOTT Denim Pants Turquoise

4. Modcloth Agree to Verdigris Top

5. Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Colored Skinny Denim

A denim jacket pairs wonderfully with pastels. Especially with sheer because it’s kinda grungy. I don’t think you should spend too much money on a denim jacket, but it’s definitely something you should own. This denim jacket is from H&M, I bought my Theory jacket at a thrift shop for cheap and I know Jamie has a cute one from Forever 21. I think lilac looks great with dark denim, but these two shirts in yellow and green look best with a lighter denim. While we’re talking about denim, stay away from pairing your denim jacket and pastel shirt with blue jeans – its 80s overload. Try colored denim, white denim, slacks or skirts.

How She'd Wear It cardigan +belt + pencil skirt | Pastels

1. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-serge Cotton Frosted Lilac

2. Madewell The Long Cardigan

3. Topshop Faux Nubuck Metal Stud Belt

4. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-serge Cotton Fresh Pear

5. ACNE ‘Fran’ Cardigan

6. Kate Spade New York Bow Belt

This is the most basic of all the combinations. Yes, we all know cardigans and pencil skirts look good together. However, I know that I struggle with color combinations and the cardigans I own are black, grey, or tan. Pretty boring. So what do you pair with your colored pencil skirt? More color. How do you not overload on color? Add a neutral colored belt (sure, gold can be neutral, why not?). Your office-wear has gone from dull to punchy by making two small changes – adding color, and bringing it together with a belt.

Julia of Style and Cheek

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