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My friend David requested a watch post and I am finally getting around to it. He asked for nice watches under $200. I thought, cool, I can do that. Personally, I’m not a watch wearer, or much of a bracelet wearer either, even though I am a fan of both. But I think everyone should own at least one nice watch, even if it’s just for special occasions.

When I started looking through men’s watches online, I was so lost! Of course I was drawn to the watches with the most feminine shapes and had to enlist Dan to help me out. I didn’t realize there were so many styles and different details among brands. It’s insane. I can see why David asked for help in the first place.

I did a price comparison of Nordstrom vs each brand’s website, and all of them except the Lacoste were cheaper or the same price at Nordstrom. I don’t buy menswear (or men’s jewelry) so I had a hard time thinking of stores, but I figured that Nordstrom would have a varied selection. I initially had a couple J.Crew options as but they literally sold out in the few days it took me to put this post together – so if you like J.Crew they do tend to have some good watch options, but a limited selection.

Some guys look good in watches with thin bands and faces, but Dan mentioned that he prefers a watch with some weight to it. As long it isn’t too big or gaudy, a watch with more heft would suit a lot of guys, including you David. The watches below are just a snippet of what’s available. Dan was drawn to Hugo Boss and I tended to like a lot of the Tommy Hilfiger watches. We discussed Fossil, because it’s a popular brand, but Dan has had three Fossils and all three of them broke prematurely. People swear by Fossil but the fact that they break is something worth noting, and if you want a watch that will last forever, look into Swiss Army watches.

Men's Watches

Timex® ‘Easy Reader’ Leather Strap Watch – $70

This has a classic frame, big face, and interesting braided leather strap.

Men's Watches

DIESEL® Round Watch, 44mm x 46mm – $140

My favorite of the group, timeless leather strap with futuristic hardware on a really handsome blue dial, with stainless steel and brown leather combination.

Men's Watches

Kenneth Cole New York Round Case Watch – $150

Very unique, old-school looking dial. It’s retro but perfect for right now.

Men's Watches

Skagen ‘Titanium’ Rectangular Watch – $155

The mesh strap is unique and lightweight but can handle the fairly large face in gun-metal finish.

Men's Watches

Tommy Hilfiger Round Chronograph Leather Strap Watch – $155

Another favorite – gorgeous, classy, and just masculine enough with gold rim, brown leather, and a clean face (considering the amount of detail).

Men's Watches

Tommy Hilfiger Multifunction Bracelet Watch – $155

Very timeless. Classic, clunky, uber-masculine watch that feels like you’re wearing a space-age piece of hardware on your wrist.

Men's Watches

Lacoste ‘Zaragoza’ Round Silicone Strap Watch – $195 (but it’s $165 at Lacoste)

Probably one of the most versatile Lacoste watches out there. The strap is silicone but the face is nice enough to bring on a date.

Men's Watches

BOSS Black Round Leather Strap Watch – $195

Hugo Boss has so many beautiful watches, but this round silver face with the black croc-embossed leather strap is so nice.

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