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It’s the last pastel post for March on ‘How She’d Wear It’, and I can’t believe March is already over, but I must admit I’m not sad about moving on to a new trend. Everything moves so fast in the world of fashion that writing about one trend for an entire month kinda makes me feel like I’m missing out on other things that are big right now. But I’m hoping the posts on how to wear pastels have gotten you excited for Spring. Our weather here in Seattle has been a little confused, one day the sun was shining and warm and suddenly it was hailing and snowing that night. Some of these pastel combinations might seem strange to you if your state hasn’t realized it’s Spring yet, but think of the wonderful warmth and sunshine that’s on the way.

One of my favorite things about exploring a trend is seeing what color combinations work best. For someone with a limited color selection in their closet I find it very helpful to visualize combos before I make a purchase. But that doesn’t always happen, and sometimes I love a new piece so much I forget that I don’t have anything in my closet to wear with it. Last year I bought a couple of light orange tops, kinda melon colored, and when I got home I realized I didn’t know how to make it work with my clothes. To help you evaluate how this month’s trend of pastels fits into your closet, I’ve put together some color possibilities for you – templates for wearing pastels. Below are some of the easiest ways to wear pastel, with gray, with neutrals (white/beige), and with other pastels. Since we’re hoping for sunshine, I wanted to show the lighter and brighter combos for this trend.

How to Wear Pastels - Pastel + Gray | How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek

1. River Island Grey Liberty Tiger Print Sweatshirt

2. Keds® x Madewell Polka-Dot Sneakers

3. J.Crew 4″ Chino Short in Neon Peach

This collage was inspired by a picture I found, probably on Pinterest, of a girl in a gray pullover sweatshirt and pastel shorts. Personally, I’m not huge into pastel, but this is something I could see myself wearing all the time in spring and summer, especially if I lived close to the beach. It is such a simple outfit, but you can make it your own. These mint polka dot Keds® are so adorable and not just your average sneakers. What I like about gray is that it works well with all pastels. It’s almost as versatile as nude/beige, but definitely your more casual option.

How to Wear Pastels - Pastel + Pastel | How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek

1. Madewell Linen Racerback Tank in Willow

2. Jessica Simpson Rosetta Pastel Green Jesse Sandals

3. J.Crew Café Capri in Gilded Dot Brocade

4. J.Crew Collection Box-Pleated Skirt in Circle Jacquard

5. J.Crew Carrie Cami

6. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Frida Flat Sandals

If you’re a pastel lover, why not pair pastel with more pastel? I’m talking pastel pants, shirt, jacket, shoes. Pile it on, baby. Maybe it’s the beach vibe, wearing the colors of the sky and sea, but there’s something very relaxed and sexy about pastels on pastels. I’m especially obsessed with the drapey green top and brocade pants because I’ve never understood how to wear brocade pants without looking too dressed up, but sandals and a tank top dress it down just enough. The blue shirt and lavender skirt are paired with a sea-foam green sandal and are perfect for spring. Cami shirts are comfy and sexy but versatile, and matched with a classy pleated shirt, this outfit can be worn almost anywhere.

How to Wear Pastels - Neutral + Pastel | How She'd Wear It with Style and Cheek

1. Rebecca Minkoff Bettina Two Tone Flat Sandals

2. Madewell The Turnabout Sandal

3. Topshop 60’s Lace Panel Shift Dress

4. Sam Edelman Allie High Heel Sandals

5. ROSEGOLD Zack High Heel Sandals

Pairing pastels with neutrals such as white, beige, nude work well because it makes the pastels appear almost translucent, and each color blends together. It’s easy to wear pastel dresses with nude heels, but try the opposite, a nude, beige, tan or white dress with pastel shoes. Usually it’s your pastel dress that gets the attention, but a nude or white dress with pastel heels can showcase your shoes. Don’t limit this combination to just shoes and a dress, it can work with all pieces, because the neutral + pastel combo will always come off as romantic.

– Julia of Style and Cheek