Bold Moves in Primary Colors

By Thursday, April 11, 2013 0 Permalink

Just a quick inspiration post today. The blog has become a little print obsessed lately, and don’t get me wrong I’m the one writing so I’m obviously a fan, but how about giving solid colors some love? And by solids I mean our beloved primary colors. They’re our leaders, our pioneers. Where would we be without red, yellow, and blue? They deserve our attention and you deserve to stand out by wearing such a bold color.

Some people like to mix their primary colors and wear a bit of each, but I think they should stand on their own. Neutrals will be the only addition here. That’s the best way to let these colors shine. Spring kinda needs a punch in the face anyway, it’s beautiful with pastels and florals, but add a bit of punchy color and your mood is bound to brighten. No more winter weather, thanks! We’re moving on to sunshine.

The inspiration:

Primary Colors

Madewell Eyelet Sundress (also available in noble blue)

Primary Colors

Madewell Eyelet Trail Dress (also available in white)

Primary Colors

Madewell Silk Racerback Dress and I’m still obsessed with this Silhouette Dress in noble blue

Other options: