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I’m not going to kid you, I know NOTHING about throwing showers (bridal, baby, etc.) but I know what I think is pretty and next weekend is my brother/sister-in-law’s baby shower. They’re having a girl! Aidan is getting a little sister. And keep in mind that I really know nothing about showers because these ideas might be totally nutso, or overly complicated or lavish. You know what I say? Have high standards, shoot for the stars!

I’m kinda scared of all the baby shower ideas out there. Well, honestly, I’m kinda scared of babies. Not scared but definitely don’t know what to do when one is handed to me. I’m always worried about their little fragile selves being near my clumsy self. The babies know too, they sense my fear. You know what would be the ideal baby shower in my mind? Tons of food and flowers. And by food I mean the favorite foods of the Mommy of the hour. Does she have a sweet tooth? Set up a candy bar! Does she love pizza? Pizza party! I think there should be snacks to satisfy all guests but if you’re throwing a baby shower for someone (someone who probably needs a relaxing but fun party) then satisfy their needs.

One of my favorite baby shower ideas came from Love Taza who threw a book themed baby shower for Eleanor. Everyone brought a children’s book to build up Eleanor’s little library. I think that’s adorable. My favorite things as a child other than my barbies were my books, but this type of party seems like it would be best if you already have the more essential things you need for the baby (diapers, rattles, barf rags, etc).

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower | D’Olyfboom – A pretty, garden inspired baby shower. Hanging baby clothes over the table instead of streamers is a really cute idea.

Baby Shower Ideas

Bebe! | B. Lovely Events – Pink and yellow for a baby shower reminds me of pink lemonade (which btw is AWESOME), still girly but not an explosion of pink.

Baby Shower Ideas

Cowgirl Chic Baby Shower | Catch My Party – Just a sweet, little detail for the back of the chair. If you notice, she gets the comfy chair and everyone else gets those flimsy white catering chairs.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower | Modern Posh Design – Polka dot themed! That seems easy enough, and notice even the silverware is wrapped up in a different color. If you can’t find everything polka dot, just make other things two-toned.

Baby Shower Ideas

What Will It Bee? | Catch My Party – A perfect idea for unveiling if it’s a boy or girl. But even if you already know, I think a bee theme is still adorable and great for those who don’t like pink.

Baby Shower Ideas

A SMP Baby + An Adorable Baby Shower | Style Me Pretty – A gorgeous, modern table set-up with a graphic print table cloth and monochromatic flower arrangements.

  • Miki
    April 17, 2013

    I think the last pic from the overhead view is the best one with the baby shower table. I’m pinning that now!

    • Style & Cheek
      April 17, 2013

      That one is my favorite too!

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