Baby Gap for Girls

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In this week’s Pinterest Picks I showed you guys some fun options for baby shower decorating. With my brother and sister-in-law’s baby girl on the way, Dan and I spent last weekend doing some baby-shower shopping at Target and Baby Gap. This is the first baby girl in the immediate family since me and I was very excited to find something adorable from Baby Gap. Our first stop was Target and here’s my conclusion: the baby section at Target is TERRIFYING! Maybe it’s just our Target in Redmond but the baby section is a squished 5-6 aisles that look like they’ve been looted repeatedly, and it makes the people browsing (stalking) the area seem like rabid vultures (is that possible? because I’m imagining some fast, scary, tear-your-eyes-out birds, though maybe I’m confusing rabies with zombies). The happy part? We successfully found a decent selection of the products listed on Jonah and Judy’s registry. Phew!

Now on to Baby Gap. The store wasn’t listed on the registry but I really wanted to find something cute for the baby (functional-only gifts just don’t excite me as much). Dan and I in the baby section of any store are about as smooth and confident as a high school dude trying to shop in Victoria’s Secret – we were bumbling around awkwardly, knocking the tiny hangers off the racks and probably scaring off the other shoppers with our loudness. We also didn’t know what size would be appropriate and Dan was very confused by the concept of baby jeans – why try to squeeze a poop-crazed baby into tightish pants? I already know that I would have a hard time resisting a cute outfit for a baby girl or boy and Dan picked out some adorable pieces and used the word “cute” at least ten times. Baby people we are not, baby stylists we are – we would have some stylin’ demon spawn.

Can I just say how much I love Baby Gap? I love Baby Gap more than I love regular Gap. There are so many cute things online that the store was pretty much ransacked (similar to Target…is it baby season?). We had a hard time finding the right outfit because I would find the sweetest little polka dot pants but then I couldn’t find a matching onesie or even a cute clashing onesie. Someone spent some serious dough at Baby Gap and took all the cute outfits.

UPDATE: Gap is having a sale online only now thru Sat. 4/20. It’s 25% off all orders or 35% off 100+. Use code GAPMORE at checkout.

Here are some of my favorites from Baby Gap:

Baby Gap for Girls Style and Cheek

Gap Dot Snap Bodysuit :: Gap Colorblock Ruffle Terry One Piece :: Gap Polka Dot Terry Jacket :: Gap Cuffed Tie Pants

Baby Gap for Girls Style and Cheek2

Gap Organic Embroidered Bodysuit :: Gap Organic Lapped Bodysuit :: Gap Organic Terry Footed Pants :: Gap Favorite Organic Printed Hat :: Gap Organic Monkey Bib

Baby Gap for Girls Style and Cheek3

Gap Pointelle Trim Cardigan :: Gap Layered Dot Headband :: Gap Favorite Dot Baby Blanket :: Gap Reversible Striped Baby Blanket :: Gap Printed Flowy Tank Dress