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HSWI April

We’ve been exploring floral prints on ‘How She’d Wear It’ and I’m excited to finally get into tropical floral prints. This trend was big last year and it’s sticking around for Spring/Summer 2013, which is fine by me because I love that these prints are no longer limited to just resort and vacation pieces (cough *Tommy Bahama* cough). They are actually wearable in real life, with or without the beach.

How She'd Wear It - Tropical Floral Prints

1. Topshop Hooded Crop Army Jacket

2. Need Supply Co. Studio Flats In Blush

3. Quiksilver Avalon Flora Dress


1. H&M Blouse

2. Zara Leather Sandals

3. H&M Ankle-length Trousers

Mixing cargo with a tropical floral print is very on-trend. Both are big right now and the competing greens work well together. Military and floral are opposites that look good because they contrast and are both nature inspired. The easiest way to combine these two are to pair green floral prints or muted floral prints with cargo. The dress, even though it has yellow and oranges, is very light and the pattern pairs very nicely with green because it has some earthy tones. I’m obsessed with this Topshop hooded crop jacket which is perfect for warm days when the sky opens up and pours down on you, but I get chilly no matter what so I’d wear it even if it didn’t have the hood.

How She'd Wear It - Tropical Floral Prints

1. Topshop Red Floral Tea Dress

2. Zara Basic Sandal

3. J.Crew Collection Leather Moto Jacket

A leather jacket plus a cute, feminine dress is one of my favorite combinations. You definitely don’t have to go out and buy a white leather jacket to replicate this outfit, but I couldn’t resist this white J.Crew moto jacket. It’s sexy. That being said, a black leather jacket would work just as well. This vibrant floral in bright red is so refreshing. When I think of tropical I think lush greens and buzzing oranges and pinks, but this dress from Topshop is like one of those retro Hawaiian shirts that middle-aged guys think are dress shirts, except not at all tacky and kind of perfect.

How She'd Wear It - Tropical Floral Prints

1. J.Crew Linen City Mini

2. ModCloth Conservatory Exposition Top

3. Boutique 9 Piraya Glitter Sandals


1. Quiksilver Floral Splash Tank

2. Madewell The Two-Tone Platform in Suede

3. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Pinwheel Eyelet

When I first started playing around with the blouses I imagined pairing them with cut-offs or colored jean shorts, but that seemed too easy. Yes, you can wear these blouses with shorts but you can certainly dress them up a bit. The blouse tucked into a simple skirt looks slightly like preppy office wear, but the colors and prints are loud enough to wear almost anywhere else. Imagine yourself on vacation and needing something a little bit nicer for dinner – this would be perfect. But then, it would also be perfect for a regular warm day that requires something a little fun, like gold sandals or two-tone platforms.

– Julia of Style and Cheek