The Makeup Lady – Nail Polish Round Up

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The Makeup Lady

The Makeup Lady – Nail Polish Round Up

I will openly admit that I’m horrible at nail care. I’m a former, and still struggling, nail biter and emotionless when it comes to my nails and hands. But like many women I obsess and collect over the latest nail polish colors and trends that hit the stores. My color generally lasts for about 2 days before I’m scrubbing it off and on to the next coat of polish in hopes that I will find something that sticks around for over a week.

Ciaté. Deborah Lippmann. Essie. Butter London. They are probably all brands you know and may have tried when it comes to nail polish colors and the top contenders battling it out for the best color selection on the market.  Choosing colors and knowing which brand to trust takes time, patience and money. If you’re like me you rely on the trusty advice of your friends to know which colors to avoid and which ones you should immediately run to Nordstrom and purchase.

This week I decide to collect all of my favorites, and future hopefuls, to share on what you should try, test and bring home with you on your next shopping trip.  Plus there the fun you get in reading all the creative color names is worth the purchase!

butter london nail polish

A great variety of colors (and even matching lip LIPPY colors to choose from) that you really can’t go wrong with any of the selections. My personal favorites are The Black Knight and Snog

From left to right:

Kerfuffle :: Fiver :: Cuppa :: Molly Coddled :: Billy No Mates :: Jasper :: Snog :: Jaffa :: The Black Knight :: Hoorah Henri

ciate nail polish

I’ve only ever tried Knickerbockerglory and loved the color. It’s the perfect berry color I had been hunting for. After brief discussions with a few co-workers, friends and online reviews, I found 5 other colors in the Ciaté line that may be worth trying.

From left to right:

Apple & Custard :: Monte Carlo :: Kiss Chase :: The Hamptons :: Access All Areas :: Knickerbockerglory

deborah lippmann nail polish

Deborah Lippmann is my go-to for glittery polishes. I have yet to try any of the colors above but saw Mermaid’s Kiss on some fingers the other day and I MUST get my hands on it.

From left to right:

Across The Universe :: Mermaid’s Dream  :: I Love The Nightlife :: Turn Back Time :: Mermaid’s Kiss :: Million Dollar Mermaid :: Let’s Go Crazy

essie nail polish

Essie makes so many different colors that it’s like sorting through the Pantone Universe for the perfect polish. Since there are so many “duplicates above” I picked out the colors that I have in my collection. Looking for a good neutral? Marshmallow is the color to try. It’s not white-out white but more sheer and soft.  And if you’re a follower of Style and Cheek you know that Julia tried Fishnet Stockings out over the holidays.

From left to right:

Marshmallow :: Good As Gold :: Meet Me At Sunset :: Aruba Blue :: Fishnet Stockings


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