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HSWI April | Floral Prints

Technically we’re starting a new month this week but I’m taking advantage of today still being April to continue my love of florals. I’m just not done with florals yet you guys, there are too many pieces I want to share with you. I don’t feel like we’ve gone over how to wear garden-y florals without looking like a teenager – many people shy away from garden party florals because they worry that it won’t be age appropriate. But I’m going to show you how to wear floral prints.

There are ways to wear florals and not look like a five year old chasing butterflies and skipping in the sunshine, even beyond adding a blazer…because honestly that’s the first thing I think of when I think of maturing my outfit. Mix unexpected pieces with florals. Here, I added a shawl cardigan to very girly dresses, almost grandpa cardigans, and heels with slouchy boyfriend jeans and floral tees. There’s a certain posture that’s needed to make these work. A certain amount of grace, if you will.

How She'd Wear It - Florals and cardigans | Floral Prints

1. Madewell Sessùn™ Simla Dress

2. Jack by BB Dakota Cuddle Together Cardigan

3. Zara Leather Strap Thong Sandal

4. Topshop Knitted Mix Stitch Shawl Cardi

5. Lucca Couture Short Floral Dress

6. Zara Ballerina with Ankle Strap

Shawl cardigans are basically grown-up cardigans, you know, grandpa sweaters. But unlike school girl buttoned up sweaters, the shawl cardigan embodies drinking tea, reading books, and taking early morning walks as the sun rises and glistens off the dew covered plants (I am too lazy to get out of bed that early and go outside but it sounds beautiful…) My point is that it’s something you throw on without much thought, but there’s a certain type of classiness that goes along with it. I’ve always associated this look with Marion Cotillard’s character Josephine in ‘Big Fish’. I was obsessed with her wardrobe, so soft and vulnerable but graceful and reserved. Of course throwing on a shawl cardigan has never made me feel graceful and reserved, but I like to think it does.

How She'd Wear It - florals and boyfriend jeans | How to Wear Floral Prints

1. H&M Top

2. Steven Jesssy Strappy Sandals

3. J Brand Aiden Cropped Distressed Boyfriend-fit Jeans

4. Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Cropped Distressed Jeans

5. Topshop Petite Floral Jacquard Tee

6. Zara Studded Sandals

You may be thinking, a floral tee and jeans – how inspiring (heavy on the sarcasm), but hear me out. I’m not mixing just any pair of jeans with floral tees, these are distressed slightly slouchy boyfriend jeans that are rolled up. Why these jeans? Because they look amazing when paired with heels, especially heels with a lot of detail. I chose two types of washes and two styles, matching and clashing. Either way, the floral tee, boy-jeans, heels combo is the perfect casual combo for these floral prints. Posture is the key here. Shoulders back, chin up, and maybe a little attitude, because those heels are killer.

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