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HSWI-may | Lace Trend

When you think of lace you might think of underthings, lingerie, things not really worn on the daily. But this has changed dramatically in the last few years. So dramatically that as I write this I wonder if this is a trend or a style that’s here to stay, sometimes showing up everywhere as embellishments on sleeves or popping out under hems. What’s interesting is that for some reason, and maybe it’s the lingerie thing, people don’t know how to wear lace or what to pair it with. That’s what we’re going to be exploring in the next few weeks.

Lace Trend

1. Topshop Petite Lace Pleated Top

2. Mango Cotton Guipure Dress

3. Topshop Fluro Orange Lace Pelmet Skirt

4. H&M Skirt

5. Madewell Lacebloom Top

6. Madewell Chevron Lace Top

7. H&M Chiffon Dress with Lace

8. Topshop Capped Sleeve Lace Dress

9. Mango Lace Detail Bicolor Blouse

I’ve mostly associated different colors of lace with different seasons – black for fall/winter, colored lace for spring, and white lace for summer. But just because I associate those colors with different seasons doesn’t mean I can’t wear them during any season. It’s just a matter of what you pair it with and since it’s spring (soon to be summer), these styles will involve less layering and more skin. I might have to come back to lace for fall/winter to show how to layer your outfit and still show off lace, but for now we’re focused on how to wear the lace trend in spring.

– Julia of Style and Cheek