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There are two blogs that I visit regularly that I’ve become quite fond of. And by fond of I mean obsessed with (SIDE NOTE – I use the phrase “obsessed with” at least once a week on here, but I swear it is always the truth. What can I say? I’m obsessed with a lot of things!) Of course these blogs revolve around two of my favorite topics: food and wine. I’m a loyal fan and really love reading these two blogs – Manger and Wine Folly. Though these blogs couldn’t be more different, they are both informative and as high quality as you’re going to find.

Manger is a beautiful blog. But in a way, calling it a blog does not do it justice. Yes, there are beautiful pictures and excellently written guides/recipes to classic and rustic French influenced cooking, but this blog calls back to an earlier time. Pre-internet. Mimi really seems to be writing for herself. She obviously puts a lot of work into her blog, but it all seems so effortless because it is clear that food is really what matters to her. This blog is a journal. It is personal and un-self-conscious, not exactly the style one would expect from a food blog. And oh man can Mimi cook! You can tell she’s inspired by the amazing setting, ingredients, and young family to make something special everyday. She’s not just cooking for the sake of creating something for her blog, she’s cooking to provide her family with goodness. I think that’s something we can all appreciate. Just look at her amazing pictures!

Food and Wine Blogs

All About Asparagus | Manger

Food and Wine Blogs

Eggs, Beans & my Birthday | Manger

Wine Folly is where I go for all my wine information, from bottles in different price ranges, to geography, to how to find a chardonnay you’ll love when you’re not a chardonnay fan. But I especially like their motto: learn by drinking. Taken to an extreme this motto is an oxymoron (so don’t do that! be good kids) but it brings up an important point about food and wine, and even fashion and travel journalism. Reading, and researching, and browsing online are great ways to get an idea of what to try, but until you actually try something you’re not going to really know if it suits you. Wine Folly just happens to be a great source of ideas on where to start. Plus, their infographics are awesome.

Food and Wine Blogs

The Wine Color Chart | Wine Folly

Food and Wine Blogs

5 Tips to Perfect Food and Wine Pairing | Wine Folly

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