Fancy Friday – Apartment Hunting

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I’ve been doing a lot of apartment hunting the last few months. Our lease isn’t up until September but I’m anxious and enjoy imagining possibilities. They are building three new apartment complexes in town and we have our eye on two of them; one that will be finished in Fall 2013, and the other which has a better location but won’t be finished until Winter 2013. So what am I doing while I wait not-so-patiently to see what these places will look like? Researching the builders, watching their progress, looking at other apartments in the area, and occasionally looking at apartments in different states altogether. Why not? I’m a big dreamer.

We have a list of things we would like in our apartment, some mandatory, some nice to have but not critical. This list includes: lots of light, clean, new-ish construction, lack of noise pollution, thick walls, new appliances, spacious, high ceilings, washer dryer, wood/tile floor, closet space, air conditioning, close to Whole Foods, close to a bus stop, a gym, suburban area, and with easy parking. Our apartment currently has most of these things but we live pretty much on top of a bus transit center and it gets pretty loud. Dan seems to think this list should be easy to find where as I’m still in young adult mode thinking we’re gonna have to live in a dump.

It’s actually hard to find an apartment that’s really nice for people who want to wait a long time before looking into buying a house. We have some nice apartments around where we live, but I’m talking a step above nice. I just like comparing different apartments in different cities and states and see what’s out there. It’s rare when one impresses me. Then I found The Avenue Hollywood, which apparently is not in the best driving location, but pleases me aesthetically nonetheless. I’m obsessed with their branding. Just check out their website and you’ll see that it’s clean and has a cool, laidback but classy vibe. Kudos to whoever was in charge of their website and branding, you’re making me want to move to SoCal.

Avenue Courtyard Jacuzzi | Apartment Hunting

The exterior of this apartment is pretty much right on trend with the nicer, new places I’ve seen – modern, clean, lots of windows, not completely inspiring…but hey, I don’t see any bus station down there.

Avenue Apartment Living Room | Apartment Hunting

Like a lot of people I love open concept spaces, and this apartment clearly fits the bill. It is big, and open, and full of light.

Avenue Apartment Closet | Apartment Hunting

That bedroom does not look overly big but WALK-IN-CLOSET. And clean white everything. Too bad Dan has so many clothes that he’d end up talking over half my closet.

Avenue Apartment Kitchen | Apartment Hunting

That is a very modern kitchen, which is not usually to my taste but it’s so clean it’s hard to resists. Plus, you can have an island! and the stove is gas, which is much better than electric. I could see myself being fed in this space.

Avenue Courtyard Alcove | Apartment Hunting

Night swim? Um yes please.

Photos via The Avenue