My New Favorite Sandals – PIKOLINOS

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I was at Nordstrom the other day browsing for flats when I spotted some really cute, hippie-ish sandals by PIKOLINOS. I hadn’t heard of PIKOLINOS before but the shoe guy raved about the leather. They’re made in Spain, and the leather is luscious. They form to your feet. It feels like you’re not even wearing shoes. That’s how lightweight they are.

My favorite is the PIKOLINOS ‘Alcudia Maasai 2’ Sandal and by favorite I mean they’re like The Red Shoes – I never want to take them off. Just put them on and get downnnnnn. It’s a really weird, though satisfying feeling wearing these shoes because you feel barefoot (big fan of being barefoot). Then you have these straps securing you in, which is oddly comforting. I’ve never talked about shoes like this but these are the perfect summer sandal.

Favorite Sandals - PIKOLINOS

1. PIKOLINOS ‘Alcudia Maasai 2’ Sandal

2. PIKOLINOS ‘Formentera’ Sandal

3. PIKOLINOS ‘Alcudia Maasai 1’ Sandal

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