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Black and white is crazy big right now and has been since the end of winter. After so many colorful spring/summer prints and neons people are craving the simplicity of black and white. Black and white prints are not quite as simple as straight b&w or as wild as some summery prints but they’re comfy for those who don’t go for so much color or bold prints in their closet – like me. You can stay with the black and white combo or go as complicated as pairing black and white prints with other prints but this takes some practice if you’re not used to print clashing/matching.

How She'd Wear It - black and white prints + neon

Black & White Prints + Neon

1. J.Crew Perfect-fit Ballet Button Tee

2. ASOS LULLABY Ballet Flats

3. Alice + Olivia High Waist Back Zipper Capri Pants

4. Topshop Kissing Giraffe Pleated Skirt

5. J.Crew Short-sleeve Summerweight Boyfriend Sweatshirt

6. J.Crew Pilar Glitter Sandals

When Dan and I were in Princeton we made a trip to J.Crew in hopes of finding me a casual pair of pants. While I was there I couldn’t help but try on this neon pink short sleeve sweatshirt. I love it and as I was putting together this post I realized it would look great with a black and white print skirt or pants. Even though the sweatshirt is bright, it’s a solid which would balance out any busy print. Same with the ballet tee that I’ve paired with polka dot capris, which is an updated nod to Sandy’s outfit at the end of Grease. Getting retro with neon and prints.

How She'd Wear It - black and white prints + prints

Black & White + Prints

1. Westward Leaning 9.5 \\ Color Revolution Sunglasses

2. Madewell Soludos® Low-Cut Espadrilles in Woven Raffia

3. Madewell Something Else Paradox Printed Tank

4. Topshop Beach Postcard Print Runners

5. Topshop Stripey Scoop Back Maxi Dress

6. Kate Spade New York ‘Chevron Stripe’ Scarf

7. Zara Leopard Print Sandal

Much like taking a solid piece and pairing it with black and white prints, you can pair smaller prints with bigger, louder prints. Print pairing is an art and there is a lot of potential for disaster, but yes, it is possible to pair black and white prints with other prints. For the outfit on the left I combo’d black and white prints with very colorful prints that used black as well. This is helpful because it ties the outfit together. The maxi dress and scarf have slightly similar patterns and the blue in the shoes is close to that in the scarf. The patterns can be different as long as they have a common trait.

How She'd Wear It - black and white prints + black or white

Black and White Prints + Black or White

1. Madewell Peppermill Tank

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Goodbye Columbus Colorblocked Mini Crossbody

3. Zara Mini Skort

4. Zara Bomber Jacket with Zips

5. Topshop FIGARO3 Whipstitch Sandals

6. Zara Cropped Trousers

7. Elizabeth and James Leopard Fairfax Sunglasses

8. Vince Camuto ‘Lancaster’ Flat

Easy peasy. This is the first combo I would go for with my 90% black closet. I don’t pick black on purpose, it just always seems to look the best so to me it seems natural to pair a  black and white print with solid black or white piece. These looks are a bit sporty which was not intentional but I’m digging it. Even the accessories here are black and white which ends up looking very cool and modern.

– Julia of Style and Cheek