Furniture Wishlist

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I don’t own any furniture. Not a single thing. The apartment that Dan and I live in with our roommate Harry is full of furniture that belongs to Dan and Harry (and most of the pieces are hand-me-downs). When I’m in a grateful mood I realize how comfy it is to have nice, functional furniture even if it’s not my taste. When I’m in a bratty mood I think about how much I wish I could buy furniture so my living space felt actually like my home.

The possibility of making my house a home is in the works as Dan and I will be moving into a new apartment sometime this Fall. I don’t know about him but I’m excited to make decisions together on where we live and what we buy. Thankfully, we have similar taste and like walking around furniture and home stores for a ridiculously long time discussing what kind of furniture we like and dislike, what kind of fabric, colors, all of it. You’d be amazed how big of a difference it makes when you and your significant other don’t have the same taste in interior design. Some guys want nothing to do with that process and that does not appeal to me.

Furniture Wishlist

Restoration Hardware Library Swing-Arm Table Lamp Bronze

Restoration Hardware Brushed Cotton Twill Drapery

Restoration Hardware Flatiron Desk

West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror – Bone Inlay

Crate & Barrel Payton Tobacco 32×76″ Bookcase

Crate & Barrel Colette Bench

West Elm Raw Edge Media Console

There are a few pieces of furniture that we need to buy when we move out of this apartment. Dan has a surprising amount of stuff but we still need a bookcase, a media console, maybe a desk and eventually….eventually a new couch. Among other things, I’m sure. I have no idea how to go about purchasing furniture and will definitely take you on our journey but any advice anybody can give would be incredibly helpful. Are there secrets or tricks? Do you prefer buying new or searching for an older piece with good bones and reupholster? We’re all ears.