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We’re back to Fancy Friday and today I want to talk about shorts, fancy shorts, specifically fancy shorts from Zara. I own a pair of fancy shorts that I purchased from Zara last Fall and I think they’re just wonderful. Usually I wear them with tights but I’ve axed the tights for bare leg and they still look good. Since my relaxed shorts are super easy to wear compared to skirts, I’ve been eyeing Zara’s website for more short options. I want them all.

None of these shorts would qualify as tight – they all are made from comfy material and with comfy shapes. But remember you never want your shorts to be billowy – people should not be mistaking your shorts for a parachute. And have fun with your shorts! These aren’t your normal run of the mill preppy shorts or Daisy Dukes, these are shorts you can dress up just as easily as you can wear them to the mall.

Plus, Zara is having a SALE – so if that is not incentive enough to shop then I don’t know what is.

Zara Shorts

Zara Ruffle Shorts

Zara Shorts

Zara Flowing Printed Shorts

Zara Shorts

Zara Printed Shorts

Zara Shorts

Zara Flower Print Shorts

Zara Shorts

Zara Flowing Jacquard Shorts

Zara Shorts

Zara Loose Fit Shorts

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