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I don’t like pants. I wear jeans every day but I don’t like wearing them at all. They’re so tight and constricting. So why don’t I wear dresses all the time? I have no idea. After eating soo much salty goodness on the Fourth of July I went to work on Friday wearing a dress. That’s a very rare thing for me. But that only happened because on Friday morning when I tried on my jeans I felt absolutely awful and putting on a dress was a godsend of comfort. Men might think that dresses are eye candy but women might wear dresses to conceal food babies. It’s just a coincidence that women look so good in dresses. Comfort is the key here, people.

Unfortunately, I don’t own many casual dresses or day dresses. Even this morning as I pulled on jeans I wished I could just put on a really simple dress and have that be it. So I spent this weekend drooling over dresses, specifically dresses that are a little on the conservative side that you can just wear and not worry about appropriate-ness. This is something I think about when I wear a dress, so these are a little covered up but not too covered up. Here are my favorites:

Day Dresses

Betsey Johnson Textured Dot Mesh Fit & Flare Dress

Day Dresses

ASOS T-Shirt Skater Dress In Nepi

Day Dresses

Donna Morgan Cutaway Lace Fit & Flare Dress

Day Dresses

ASOS Midi Dress In Animal Print

Day Dresses

Ivy & Blu for Maggy Boutique Roll Sleeve Knit Dress

Day Dresses

ASOS Mini Dress In Spot Print

  • Jamie Boyle (@thelady_boyle)

    I use to HATE dresses. At one point I only had 2-3 in my closet and that was to get me through any occassion. As the years progressed I know hate pants/jeans and would rather wear a dress to disguise any and all issues.

    ps…I’ve been eyeing the ASOS midi animal print for weeks!

    • Style & Cheek

      I’m so jealous of all your dresses. I know you have soooo many now and when I look in my closet I think back to your outfit of the day posts and get jealous. You put together so many cute things. Sometimes pants just are not fun. At all.