How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek


I have always really liked rash guards and admired chicks who can pull them off. Recently, they’ve shown up on sites I wouldn’t expect like J.Crew and Madewell. I always thought rash guards were for surfers and anyone wearing one would have to be a water pro, but now it seems that even those who don’t know their way around a surfboard can wear them. Plus, they’re really cute. And a nice, sporty choice for a cover-up. Add some board shorts and you’re good to go!

How She'd Wear It - surfer style coverups2

1. Cynthia Rowley Floral Rashguard

2. Hurley Walkshorts

3. J.Crew Italian Matte String Top

4. J.Crew Italian Matte String Bottom

5. Pret-à-Surf® for J.Crew striped front-zip rash guard

6. Quiksilver Getaway Shorts

7. J.Crew Colorblock Sun Shirt

8. Hurley Beachrider Runner Shorts

9. J.Crew Italian Matte String Top

10. J.Crew Italian Matte String Bottom

11. Madewell Zimmermann Brightside Rashie

12. adidas Solid Board Shorts

J.Crew and Madewell have started carrying rash guards and sun shirts and I’m loving their options. It wasn’t too long ago that there weren’t really any creative rash guards to choose from, no prints or fun details. Just basic color schemes and a brand name emblazoned on the front. The options now are much more unique. Don’t think you’re limited to long sleeve either, if you remember last week’s How She’d Wear It featured a short sleeve rash guard from J.Crew. I’m a huge fan of the edgy but colorful Cynthia Rowley rash guard and Dan likes the preppy, striped Pret-à-Surf® rash guard. Which is your favorite?

– Julia of Style and Cheek