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The Makeup Lady

I wanted to do a month long series devoted to BRUSHES! I suffer from the compulsiveness of buying new brushes because of new sets that come out, limited edition styles and from gifts with purchase. Over the years I stockpiled a large pile of brushes, most of which I had no idea how or when to use.  The biggest challenge I had was with the face brushes. To start off this 3 part series we will begin with face brushes, which more specifically will relate to foundation and concealers.

At one point I was a mineral makeup lady and nothing was going to change my mind. Now, I switch back and forth between mineral to liquid and most brushes do not work with other types of foundations. I had to narrow down the collection I had into the brushes that I would use and more importantly learning what each one was for. Of course I kept extras because you never know when you’ll need a brush!

There are 6 different brushes/applicators to consider…

face brushes

Cream Foundation Brushes – These are your thicker consistency foundations such as Laura Mercier Crème Smooth and Bobbi Brown Extra Repair. To create that full coverage look you need a dense brush with an angle. This allows you to get close to the skin, pressing as you go and creating that full coverage, flawless look. Try the Shiseido Foundation Brush

Liquid Foundation Brushes – Buildable coverage is what comes to mind and it’s probably the most popular of foundation choices.  Think Benefit “Hello Flawless” and MAC Studio Fix Fluid. You will want to find a flat, synthetic brush to apply these foundations. This will allow you to build your coverage, and get a smooth finish. Think of it like painting! Try the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush

Mineral Foundation Brushes – For my love of all things minerals, this brush is close to my heart. Having worked at Bare Escentuals (BareMinerals as it is called now) the full coverage kabuki brush was THE BEST mineral foundation brush. The natural hair brush and round shape allowed you to swirl, tap and buff your way into flawless coverage. I personally stand behind natural hair mineral brushes as they hold onto the minerals better and disperse them properly. Try the BareMinerals Full Coverage Kabuki Brush

Powder Brushes – Fluffy, cloud like brushes that are meant just for sweeping on color, translucent powders, brushing away fall out or simple blending are what you’ll want to look for.  Look for the brushes with the full, round tops and typically in synthetic form. However I wouldn’t pass up a natural hair powder brush either. Try the MAC 129 Powder Brush

Blemish Concealer Brushes – We tackled Banishing Blemishes before and I briefly discussed concealer brushes. We all need one on hand because you never know when a blemish will strike. These brushes will be synthetic, dense and tapered. This will help you to zap away the look of redness and the blemish and get a more precise coverage.  Try the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush

Under Eye Concealer Brushes – You want something flat and soft when it comes to your under eye area. A synthetic brush, again, is best as it will not hold onto too much product therefore not leaving you with a clumpy under eye area. Try the Lancôme #8 Brush

Beauty Blender – My new favorite thing! Sure I watched the infomercials, watching videos online and contemplated buying one for a while. I finally caved and I LOVE IT! I recently started wearing liquid foundation on a consistent basis, just to help combat the change in my skin texture and type. Brushes were great and I like the coverage but the Beauty Blender applicator was by far the best. It acts as a concealer, under eye, foundation and blending brush in one. I’ve been told you can also use this with powders, but I’m not quite sure on that one yet…

7 face brushes sure is a lot, but that’s not even counting blush brushes, highlighter brushes, contouring and bronzing brushes!  You never know when you’ll need a cream foundation brush or under eye concealer brush. So the next time you get a gift with purchase, start filling up your collection and collecting all the brushes you will need to form the MASTER set.

Check back in next week when we discuss Face Brushes – blush, bronzer and more!


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