Fancy Friday – Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle

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Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle

The Walrus and The Carpenter photo credit: John Lok

Dan and I have a running list of restaurants we’d like to visit (many of which Dan has been to on his own, but those don’t count because we haven’t gone together). Before Dan, I never really thought of going to dinner as a date – restaurant dinners weren’t romantic, they were just kind of whatever. Family or friends would want to go grab some food, and I’d be like ok cool – no real expectations. And when we got there all too often I would order something random because food was secondary to hanging out with the people I came with. Now I’m ruined for life. Dan has opened my eyes to the world of food and the “dinner-date.” Dates for Dan and I are indulgent, and since we’re not bar people, we spend our money on food, food, and more food.

We have our favorites but there are still quite a few Seattle restaurants that have yet to be explored (by me anyway).


Four Restaurants to Try in Seattle


The Walrus and The Carpenter

Besides having a whimsical title to draw you in, there is a fairly well-known fact that if you want to go to The Walrus and The Carpenter, you better get there early. It opens at 4pm so get there at 3 because the line will be out the door. If you love small plates then this is the place for you. Besides oysters, I want to try their smoked trout with lentil, walnut, onion, and crème fraîche, and their English breakfast radishes with lemon oil, and cultured butter.



Canlis is one of the few restaurants that multiple friends have raved about that also has a dress code. That’s not really normal for Seattle restaurants. No one dresses up to go to dinner. So I find this kinda nice – it forces you to put in a little more effort and class-up your date. Why do I want to go here? It’s a Seattle staple with a huge wine list and a tradition of super high quality American food – steaks, chops, classic appetizers, Canlis has them and as good as you’re gonna find ’em. It’s a restaurant straight out of the Mad Men era but updated and still relevant.



I came across their event section on their website and saw their Suckling Pig Dinner where they roast up a 20-pound suckling pig with sides and salad and desserts and 8-10 people can enjoy it for $700. That sounds pretty damn good to me. Besides that awesomeness, their menu section begins with a huge list of cheese. And then charcuterie. And then a whole bunch of other yummy goodness but cheese and charcuterie was enough for me to NEED to go there. Quickest way to my heart is cheese and meat.


Cafe Juanita

Even though my brother Jonah works here (and technically this is outside of Seattle), I am the only one in my family (including Dan) who has not eaten at Cafe Juanita. And what does my entire family have to say about it? That it’s delicious and decadent. That they tried things they never tried before. That they have no idea how they ate so much food. I’m just imaging super, flavorful, northern Italian food – buttery pastas and perfectly cooked roasted meats. So why haven’t we gone? I have no idea. We need to make sure we’re ready to drop some dough on this one. No half assing. Plus, I have to go on a day when Jonah works otherwise it wouldn’t feel right.


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