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The Makeup Lady

In part two of this series we are going to cover eye brushes. There’s more to creating the every day eye or smoky eye look than just two brushes. It can sometimes take an army to create the perfect eye look and chances are if you’re having problems, you just don’t have the right brushes. After years of testing I have come up with the must-have brushes depending on the look you’re going to create.

Eye Brushes - How to use it and when to use it | The Makeup Lady

All Over Eye Brush – This brush will act as your do-it-all brush. It can help sweep and cover the entire eye area for a quick every day look, add a pop of color to the lid or will allow you to wet your shadow for a “foiled” intense eye look. Look for a brush that is a natural/synthetic blend so you know that it will hold the right amount of color but work well under the pressure of foiling. Try the BareMinerals Wet/Dry Shadow Brush

Crease Brush – Creating the perfect crease is a matter of finding the perfect crease brush.  There are two kinds to look for – full tapered or angled. This essentially comes down to the look you want to create. Something more cat eyed – angled brush. Something more full and intense – full tapered. The full tapered crease brushes allow you to get the entire crease packed with color, while the angled crease brushes concentrate more on the outer half of your eye bringing the intensity outward and up. Depending on your eye shape, either one may work. Try the Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush or NARS #16 Wide Contour Brush

Blending Brush  – The first rule to eye make up is BLENDING.  Sure you can slap on a bunch of color but what good is that if you don’t blend it? Just like with painting, you need to blend. Blend the crease with the brow/highlight color. Blend the crease with the lid color. Make it all look seamless and like the colors flow naturally based on your eye shape. I personally recommend trying the MAC #222 Tapered Blending Brush

Angled Liner Brush  – When it comes to creating the perfect cat-eye look, the angled liner brush should be your go to. This brush works best when used with creams, powders and some gels. You want it to keep the angled look no matter the consistency of the liner being used. Heck, even try using it with a pencil to really get into the lash line.  The best part about the angled brush is that it creates the perfect wing or cat look on the outer corner of the eye. Try the BareMinerals Full Edge Liner Brush

Pointed Liner Brush  – Once you have mastered the cat eye look with an angled liner brush, try doing it with the pointed liner brush. This gives the more precise thin winged look that you may be wanting. It’s also best for liquid and gel liners as you can dip into the product with ease and not have to worry about losing the precision of the brush tip. Use this brush for a thin, every day liner look.  Try the BareMinerals Eyeliner Brush

Smudged Liner Brush  – Going smoky? Use a smudged liner brush! Draw on your liner with a pencil and smudge away. This kind of brush is best for going all the way dramatic and smudging under your lower lash line. Look for a brush that has short dense bristles that will give the best impact of color.  Try the NARS Smudge Brush

This is by no means the complete list of eye brushes that you can use but it’s definitely the basics list and the ones you definitely need in your collection. Once you master the 7 brushes above, then start experimenting with the other options out there.

Next week in the third installment we will cover all the miscellaneous and extra-curricular brushes.

– Jamie of The Lady and The Beard