Summer Citrus Sangria

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Summer Citrus Sangria

On the 4th of July, Dan and I had our hearts set on making some sangria. Neither of us have ever made sangria and had no idea how easy it is to make. We chose a Citrus and Basil Sangria recipe from What’s Gaby Cooking that uses sauvignon blanc as a base with blood orange, tangelo, strawberries, lemon rind, and basil simple syrup. It was in the Pinterest Picks – Sweet Sangria post that I did awhile back. I’m wishing I would have taken some better photos of the sangria but we ended up taking it with us on our picnic and used some very classy red solo cups.

The basil simple syrup took all of a couple minutes to make so I’m officially convinced that simple syrup is amazing. When I see videos where someone “whips up” a simple syrup I will no longer judge them and say, “psh, who’s got time for that sh**” because you do have time, trust me it takes 4 minutes.

Since blood oranges are not in season, we used a grapefruit instead. Having no prior experience with the blood orange version of this drink, I would say that using grapefruit worked just fine. We both thought the sangria turned out tasty and would make it again. Although I am curious as to how the blood orange version would taste so that’s on my to-do list in the future. But until they’re in season, I’ll take grapefruit as a substitute. Yum.

Recipe here: Citrus and Basil Sangria from What’s Gaby Cooking

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