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Eberjey is known around the blogosphere as the luxe, comfy sleepwear brand. They also make lingerie but I became aware of Eberjey from their pajamas which are known for being super soft and great for lounging, and you know how much I love lounging. I also love that Eberjey’s pieces are incredibly sexy without being showy. The softness of the fabric and fun details make Eberjey sleepwear seriously flirty without being overt. That’s my kind of sexy.

I’ve been meaning to get a lightweight robe to wear around the apartment. I have one that is great for cold weather but there are days, especially now with this hot apartment, that I wish I had a lightweight, short robe. I’ve never been the girl who lounges in cute lingerie and matching robe but whatever, I can dream. Eberjey has a lot of these exact robes, super cute and feminine. They also have a lot of playful pieces with similar fabric – thin and soft enough to be amazingly comfortable, but just enough coverage to be classy. It’s just too damn hot right now – the more it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, the better.

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey Maritime striped stretch-jersey robe

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey Belinda lace-trimmed stretch-jersey robe

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey Print Short Pajamas

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey ‘Gisele’ Shorty Pajamas

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey ‘Juliette’ Camisole & Eberjey ‘Juliette’ Lounge Shorts

Eberjey Sleepwear

Eberjey Maritime striped stretch-jersey playsuit

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