Clothing Malfunction? Should’ve Shopped at Nordstrom

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The last time I bought shoes from Nordstrom the man helping me mentioned that I should get zip soles for my AGL flats and that Nordstrom could do it for me. I’ve had my flats for more than two years now and I really beat them up. They were scuffed and starting to get a little gray in spots where I had rubbed them too hard and the soles were definitely worn down. After only a week I picked them up and paid about $34 for the zip soles. Considering how much I paid for the shoes, the zip sole was totally worth it if they extend the life of these flats. What I did not expect was that they had cleaned the shoes and fixed the gray spots on the leather! I was so excited. I’m still excited. I didn’t realize Nordstrom would make them look new again. Next time you’re at Nordstrom, ask the shoe people what they can do for your worn down shoes or even broken shoes. I bought a pair of sandals and after one wear I noticed the beading was coming unglued – took them to Nordstrom and they just exchanged the one shoe right there.

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While I was picking up my flats, Dan was dealing with his own fix-it problem. A few weeks before this Dan was out with some friends and I got a text message from him saying that he had ripped a huge hole in his Hudson jeans…right near the crotch. I texted him back with sad faces and oh noes! He mentioned that Nordstrom might be able to fix them. It was a huge rip too and guess how he got it? By trying to do the Captain Morgan stance. So he took his jeans to the men’s section as I went to pick up my shoes. While he was there the man helping him asked if he wanted them replaced or restored – supposedly they have a way to patch and stitch them up so you don’t even notice, and then you won’t have to take the time to break in new jeans. Dan chose to get a whole new pair (always a fan of newness). Apparently anywhere up to 6-9 months Nordstrom will replace or repair your jeans for free so long as the tear or hole happened from normal wear and tear. Pretty sweet that tearing your jeans doing the Captain stance counts as normal wear and tear.


(This is Dan’s friend Calin, doing the proper Captain Morgan stance NOT in jeans)

These are just good things to know. I appreciate that Nordstrom is able to take care of things I’d never thought they’d cover. I’ve always assumed that once you wore something down or accidentally ripped a piece of clothing then that was it. That the life of that item was terminated. But no! You can fix things. And easily too. The more you know. :)