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There is SO much I want to cover during this month for this glorious berry colored trend but I had to start somewhere. I’ve picked up my J.Crew Lookbook numerous times in the past week just to flip through it and keep going back to the same pair of J.Crew Minnie Pants in pinot noir and am dying for them, so burgundy hued pants seemed like a good idea. I tried to cover the bases here, casual, work, nighttime but also different types of pants, loose trousers in a floaty fabric, slacks in stretch twill, and structured pants in jacquard fabric.

How She'd wear it - casual trousers

1. J.Crew Perfect-fit Ballet Button Tee

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Leopard Drawstring Bag

3. H&M Loose-fit Trousers

4. Madewell Perfect Racerback Tank

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dog Loafers

You can dress up or dress down all of the pants in this post depending on where you’re going but I wanted to be fun and casual for these loose-fit trousers. The pants just look so comfortable and the burgundy color (and pattern) draw you in so the out of control leopard print and puppy face flats don’t feel out of place. I couldn’t resist loafers with little doggy faces on them! Not sure how much more fun you can get, and it works because each piece has the same casual feel.

How She'd wear it - work week slacks

1. J.Crew Silk Ruffle Top

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote

3. J.Crew Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill

4. J.Crew Ruffled Rhinestone Top

5. Zara Pointed Flat Shoe

The berry color of these pants is gorgeous and brings some life to the regular workplace palette. Shades of navy, black, gray, and white are obviously safe choices for the office, but safe definitely doesn’t mean exciting. And if you’re like me waking up and wearing the same thing to work every day is a total drag. Mixing up my outfits just makes me feel (and look) better.

How She'd wear it - nighttime jacquard

1. Mango Asymmetric Plumeti Blouse

2. Coach Legacy Leather Universal Clutch

3. J.Crew Café Capri in Diamond Foulard

4. H&M Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse

5. Madewell The Frankie Pump in Suede

I love how people are styling jacquard pants for daytime with casual sweaters and layering button downs, but I wanted to dress them up and take them into nighttime. With either shirt this flirty outfit screams classy lady. It’s really a classic date night combo – pumps, fun and fitted pants, a clutch, and a sexy shirt. Now all you’d need is a glass of bubbly.

– Julia of Style and Cheek

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